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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Cloud Names On Aftermarket

Probably the best Cloud names are a pair of 3 and 4 letter ones with special place in most domainers hearts. Released after the company attached to it was sold, it is currently floundering and would be ripe for acquisition. Another is the name of a once proud company who is looking for a way out. This could be it, though they'd never consider it. Others....

(note none of the names contain the words cloud or computing)
Owner: Tony Peppler Prospect: Microsoft
Owner; Mike OConnor Prospect: Apple
Owner: Rick Schwartz Prospect: Amazon
Owner: Shaun Pilford Prospect: Microsoft
Owner: Brian Gilbert Prospect: IBM
Owner: Steve Perillo Prospect: Apple
Owner: Owen Frager Prospect: Apple
Owner: David Castello Prospect: Microsoft
Owner: Andy Major Prospect: Citrix
Owner: Mike Berkens Prospect: Citrix, VMWare, HP, Cisco
Owner: SmartLogic Prospect: Google
Owner: Pending Delete Prospect: IBM
Owner: Frank Schilling: IAC
Owner: Frank Schilling: Apple

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