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Friday, June 03, 2011

Lawsuits (.com) -- Bring Them On!

Domain to be a lead generation magnet and instantly credible brand

The domain name, for many years just a dormant, parked domain name, is now for sale and is expected to attract a significant number of offers. The sale is being lead by ATM Holdings, Inc, a leading domain name consultant.

“The legal industry has exploded onto the Internet, which is fast becoming a strong medium from which to generate leads for law firms, litigators, and online lead generation focused companies,” said Andrew Miller, President of ATM Holdings.

“Having previously Founded and, both lead generation powerhouses, we see the legal profession as one of the next great, lead generation platforms, and, there is no better brand or domain to use to buy clicks in Google and other search engines, garner natural search engine optimization, and have instant credibility with customers than It is the category killer domain name,” noted Miller.

“The domain name is being listed at a very reasonable price, based on many previous comparables, and therefore we expect a strong inflow of offers from law firms to domainers, to lead generation companies. This could have multi-million dollars of value to the right end user and we expect the domain to sell at or near its listing price of $275,000,” added Miller.

For more information or to make an offer, contact ATM Holdings, Sarah Perry at sarahperry318(at)

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