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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Identify The Man Behind the Curtain On Your Next Offer

Only about a dozen of the domains I own seem to get offers from time to time, albeit laughable offers in most cases. But for each of the past 10 years I've been domaining, I've also ended up selling about one domain per year to an end user at average $22,500 (most recently to global financial giant WWWebFinancial Group.) With that goal in mind I removed most of my brandable domains from parking and set them up on an "addressed4success" campaign that I also offered, and having working for, to fellow domainers.

Take a one of my call-to-action direct response Tv domains like which is redirected to a sales pages within my blog. When someone searches this name or is looking for a theme like it on Google, I come up with a carefully crafted 152 character sales pitch for the domain. When someone clicks through the details of their visit are captured on supplemental tracking software I rent called The Site Meter lets me know exactly who was interested in my name, and this allows me to do research before their inquiry and to price accordingly.

So within hours of the Microsoft visit to, the offer email I got from one Jimmy Moy planning a "hobby site for his kids karate team," I knew was a decoy most likely from Tenpenny, the proxy agency Microsoft uses to do their bidding.

Have you ever Googled your own domains to see what and end user sees when they do it?

In this case I was stunned to see a domain broker, Nakta Domains, offering to resell MY name for $995.

Not only I have never listed the domain with them nor authorized them to sell it on my behalf, I am now in a box because the Microsoft people likely saw this price during the course of their search. That doesn't mean that my options are closed, but that thanks to the "addressed4success" system and Site Meter, I can be prepared for the negotiation.

If you want your domains to be as well represented in Google, contact me and I can help.

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