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Saturday, July 16, 2011

.CO or .CTXS? Can I Share A Secret?

Joey reads only domain blogs and a year ago put $20k in .CO. He sold zero so far and now has to pay $20k to keep them for another year.

Franky reads the Frager Factor and got fascinated by cloud computing, a subject that a year ago was only being talked about here. He realized that shares of the brands behind the cloud would sky rocket. So he invested his $20k in Citrix (Ctxs) and those shares are worth $80k today.

There's a reason is worth $250 million. Take a closer look.

btw, also doubled in share price over the last 52 weeks. If you click on the cloud computing tab below and go back through our thread, I think you'll find this a common pattern in all the companies we've covered who are also your best prospects for app and cloud names. Especially ones that can be expressed in a small image.

I mean if you are looking to get rich quick...why do it the hard way? Just sayin.

More specifically:
Apple-235.56 - 365.00
Amazon- 105.80 - 218.32
F5 Networks-72.48 - 145.76
VM Ware-69.80 - 105.47
Riverbead- 14.53 - 44.70
NetApp-37.04 - 61.02
Acme Packet-26.00 - 84.50

It's probably too late now but you should have listened in 2008. You did it then. And in the last year you did it again.

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