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Friday, August 05, 2011

Story Selling

Stories are a great way to capture people’s attention.

Everyone loves a good tale. Have you heard the story about the one-legged man and the eagle that walked into a bar together?

I won’t tell you here, but you were interested, right? That was a story.

Stories compel. They often provide an emotional connection that keeps people riveted and reading. Stories pull people into the unfolding drama and make them a part of the action.

Every company has its own story. And your story drives your business.

A recent survey conducted by M A N D A L A discovered that more than 80% of companies can not effectively communicate what they do, how they are different and why you should care – resulting in:

* Lost sales;
* Inability to recruit top employees and partners;
* Poor resource allocation;
* Erosion of shareholder value;
* Inability to attract capital;
* Confusion about the company's misson and market position;
* Friction across the value-chain.

They can't tell a convincing story. Yet, corporate positioning, competitive advantage, strategic direction – they are all structured, understood and communicated in stories. How well those stories are crafted and delivered impact every facet of your business.

Why? According to William Ryan, Founding Partner of M A N D A L A, "every day your story is being told across the value chain by employees, customers, investors, partners, regulators, journalists, and industry influencers alike. It's like your corporate DNA, influencing almost every decision people make about your company and products."

It seems obvious. Yet, most organizations’ ability to define, understand and communicate their story -- internally and externally -- is woefully under the bar.

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