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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trouble in Domainsville: Siri, $6 billion forecast for Apple TV; Google Rushing To Save Its Search Business

I talked yesterday about convergence and transformation from web to tv and Apple holding the cards because of the apps they've c connected people to- it's the biggest disruptor 100x more threatening to domain values then the iPhone. Its Apple TV aka as Steve's last bullet he was saving in the chamber to hold back from releasing until he got the world tied to his products. It's a shot that will be heard round the world- the last laughs as the bullet takes all the companies who stood in his way and just about every website out. Siri will send you to the highest bidder for keywords not based on click but based on value of a lifetime customer and he, like Rick Schwartz, will get a lifetime royalty on each customer passed troughs sales.

Look at the screen shots in the article below and navigation is totally changed, with Google no where in sight. There is no need for XXX because there is an adult browser just like Comcast, except they have all the major keyword choices and will take you to existing sites that pay them $35 on each subscription. Because Apple will know your taste they will introduce you to other sites you might like and the movie is on TV, full screen highest quality because it's cloud based, no waiting for downloads or

Also note the article about the Congress bills that will enable then to shut down your website and hand it over to someone else. Yesterday the sale of caused me to speculate, and although I was totally wrong with my guesses the fact that the application is one domainers would never consider. To the forthcoming Olympic Champion that will be overwhelmed with endorsements and fan club she can sell sponsors products to in a new model never possible before, it has no bearing what Estibot values it at, because as she said in her announcement, having your own name as a domain name is priceless. So how would Congress be able to transfer a name like solo where thousands of companies named Solo can demonstrate their equal right to it.
Hope used Dancing With The Stars to launch her brand. That's demand no domain name itself can match. And as an App or icon- solo with a trophy or Olympic rings will stand out from a crowd leveraging new traffic sources that most domains can't.

This all tells me, its time to stop holding on the six figure dreams and sell before the market realizes that a domain alone i not going to cut it. The domain needs to be expressed in a graphic that is recognizable around the world. Look at the picture of a fish on an icon an it doesn't matter whether the Italian sees it and hears 魚 this in Japan or Pesci in Italy. The domain that connects with a global market in this manner, and when spread via social media is going to be priceless. See the homepage of Apple and Google TV in the articles below. I've been telling you for 10 years that this has been coming. Now it's here.

So while Mark Cuban is considered a web smarty just because he made millions selling to Yahoo as CBS bought TV and Microsoft has the best name webtv,com yet none of them have an experience that compares.

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