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Monday, November 14, 2011

Domainer’s Book Reveals Path to Financial Independence

Author Mike Mann offers simple steps to becoming successful in business and life. His book focuses on the fundamentals needed to start a successful venture and why giving to charity is a key element of making millions in a down economy.

With domains like selling for $25,000 and for $50,000, Mike Mann is no stranger to the world of domain investing.

And Mann said he can help others find financial success.

His free book, “Make Millions & Make Change -- Secrets to Business and Personal Success,” is showing people a pathway to financial independence.

“It starts with the basic premise of how and why and what sort of attitude you should have,” Mann said. “Then the book goes into detail about how you should address a whole myriad of important business issues.”

The book is an easy read, Mann said.

“It is amazing how simple and small the book is because it’s teaching a really big and complex subject,” he added.

Despite the title, Mann said “Make Millions & Make Change” is not a “get-rich-quick scheme.”

“Nobody ever said anything was easy, but it’s possible. The book literally teaches people who are not otherwise prepared to make millions,” Mann said. “The idea is that common people are capable of taking these steps to be successful despite their background, education, money or geography.”

He said his methods have helped people become wealthy in even difficult economic times.

“We’re teaching everybody and telling everybody what we’re doing. We’re telling them to copy us,” Mann said. “People can make millions of dollars if you can get the book and the audio in their hands.”

That’s why he is giving the book away for free. You can download a copy at

“The main premise of the book is about self confidence and hard work. It’s a way of overcoming disadvantages. It’s about competition, strategic advantages and best practices,” Mann explained.

Mann, a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” has been doing business on the Internet since the 1990s. He founded the world’s largest secondary market for domain names,

In his book, Mann begins explaining in chapter one how you too can start a company in the industry of your choice.

“I wanted to explain to people what I was doing, why I was doing it, and conceptually recruit other people to do the same thing,” Mann said. “It actually does work.”


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