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Monday, November 14, 2011

Headless Gaga Takes Us To Google Gold; While Black Friday APP MayMay Generate Branding's Last Laugh

Searches for the hard to find keywords "headless Gaga" have brought record traffic to our doors. Welcome new readers!

According to CoInternet CEO, Juan Callee, the AdAge report about walking back on their rebranding decision is but a mere "blip in the radar." He writes: "Some in the domain industry (read: domainers) are up in arms about the recent announcement by that it would slow down its rebranding to Given the amount of speculation and commenting going on about this within that community, I felt it was appropriate to reach out to and get a clear picture of what is going. His thoughts are here

Meanwhile one application of that can't be denied is its distinctive look on a iPhone app icon that gets pressed so the user is not reliant on their recollection of extension to reach them. That is the wave of the future and will vindicate the .co purchase as a smart decision over time.

According to Internet retailer: "The retailer, also known as, launches an app for Apple’s tablet computer, which accounts for 7% of’s unique monthly traffic. The app was built in-house and features social sharing and infinite scrolling, enabling a shopper to browse products without refreshing the screen."

The Mobile App allows iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad owners to easily search, browse, select, and purchase every item that is available on the traditional website, with the added convenience of being in the palm of your hand. With a few finger taps, shoppers can buy name-brand products at prices up to 70% off, while still enjoying the same, "We want shopping on to be easy and convenient," said President Jonathan Johnson. "Our new iPad App lets customers find great deals on lots of products from the convenience of their iPad. One great feature of the app is that it allows customers to easily share great deals they find with their friends through Facebook and Twitter."

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