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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Domaining's Most Fascinating People for 2011- Adam Dicker

This holiday weekend we're giving thanks to the pioneers, fighters, doers and givers that inspire us and make up this year's group of Domaining's Most Fascinating People for 2011. Enjoy and have joyous holiday.

Adam Dicker, new Domain Hall of Famer, Pays it Forward

"I like to educate people. It's a better feeling than doing something just for yourself."

Everyone reading this knows about Adam Dicker's, and may know that it's the most highly honored site and busiest of its kind - with some 114,000 members and closing in on one million posts. Chances are you also know about his July 2011 launch of, offering free online courses and mentoring for domainers - with some 3000 registrants so far. But what most people don't know is the single website in his long and highly profitable career that he's most proud of. More on that later...Back to DNForum and DNFCollege. More than a few domainers have challenged Adam, wondering why on earth he's willing to share valuable, even privileged information through the college with thousands of potential competitors - for free. There's camaraderie in the industry, but also intense rivalry among domainers, and Adam gets his share of slings and arrows from those who suspect ulterior motives. Are there any?


Catch up on more of Domaining's Most fascinating People for 2011:
This year we're inviting you to submit your own nominations: what individual has forged imagination, diligence, and discipline into bottom-line success, and who has gone far beyond domaining to leverage their success to help others in need?

We know some of them already, and we're inspired by their stories of altruism, of creating fresh opportunities for those who are much less fortunate. It takes vision and commitment - and a rare perspective that sees the world with clarity far beyond personal financial success.

Adam Dicker
Merlin Kauffman
Andrew Rosener
John Ferber
Scott Cleland
Mike Mann

And revisit 2010 Awards:
Be inspired by the success of people who did the work to transform their dreams into reality: Domaining’s Most Fascinating People of 2010. These 20 diverse entrepreneurs are generating real wealth through a disciplined process that can be followed by everyone who dreams of striking it rich online. It’s old-fashioned marketing, reengineered for the digital world. Every one of these Most Fascinating People knew that the true path to revenues and riches is to build a brand with an actual business model based on differentiation, relevance and value.

Barbara Dillman Neu
Teen Domainer
Ryan Colby
Patrick Ruddell
Mike Sullivan & Fusible
Jeff Gabriel
Rob Grant
Rob Monster
Warren Royal
Bill Kara
Jeff Tinsley
Lori Anne Wardi
Mike Fiol
Monte Cahn
Jeff Bennett
Adam Matuzich
Colin Pape
Francois Carrillo / Ron Josephs

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