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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How Valuable Is Your Website Name Reveals Seven Ways To Know

Website Domain nanes are valuable but how valuable Domain Reseller provides simple test to find out how valuable your domain name is.

So you think your domain name is valuable? Sure you would after all you chose it. But just how valuable is your domain name really? to consumers? To perspective buyers? To your business bottom line? To your short and long term business outlook?

A simple test released by domain name reseller allows you to measure the true value of your website domain name using seven criteria to get an accurate reading.

According to Scott Alliy President of and a domain name and Internet marketing industry veteran there are seven points that you can use to measure the true value of your Internet website domain name.

In no particular order the seven ways to measure the value of any domain name are

  • Improved search rankings
  • Increased quality and quantity of website visitors
  • Reduced Advertising Marketing costs
  • Increased brand awareness for businesses organizations
  • Increased customer name retention
  • Protects market space from competition
  • Adds asset value to your business

Testing your domain name against the seven value measurements is especially important and helpful for those Internet business owners who are not getting what they believe they deserve in terms of ROI on their investment of time energy and resources.

If you are struggling to earn profits on the Internet look first at your domain name and determine whether your domain name is helping or hurting your business says Scott.

Once you've taken the test and got a true reading you will find that the answer to a lot of your business woes lies in the domain name or names you have chosen and in the domain name strategy you are using or not using to promote your business on the Internet.

A poor or irrelevant domain name will not bring you higher search ranking says Scott nor will it help customers to remember your name or the business products and services that you sell he adds.

Not to mention says Scott that if you business plan includes an exit strategy your asking price and the amount that buyers may be willing to offer for your business will be negatively impacted by a poor domain name.

If your domain name has failed you on one or more value points there is hope says Scott.

His company has a growing list of available domain names for sale that includes over 10,500 names in over 105 categories and in all sizes and price ranges.

Domain name owners that are finding themselves with a bloated portfolio that they had plans to develop into web businesses but that they are now willing to liquidate in order to concentrate on developing and operating a select few of the domain names they own.

Their desire to liquidate means that great prices await savvy domain name buyers who act quickly and grab the domain name or names before their competition does. also offers domain name broker assistance to help buyers and sellers come to agreement on a win win deal for both parties. Says Scott we have years of experience in buying and selling domain names and we fully understand the needs of both buyer and seller.

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