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Monday, November 14, 2011

Parsons: "If GoDaddy Fails, I'll Just Park Cars"

Fast Company blogs on how Bob Parsons brought GoDaddy back from the brink. "Parson shared at least two such brushes with death of his own. The first was a literal one: he was a soldier, he and his team found themselves in an impossible situation, and he was sure he was going to die that day. Once he accepted death, he fought and survived."

"The second moment he mentioned happened in Hawaii. He had sold a previous company for $60 million, and had spent his wealth building GoDaddy. His wealth fell to $25 million, then $15 million. With just $6 million left, he decided to take a retreat and consider whether he should give in."

"He took a trip by himself to Hawaii and decided to quit while he still had money. He worked out how he would divide what was left: pay off creditors, give employees bonuses, and squirrel away a little for himself."

"After checking out, about to head home, waiting outside his hotel for his car, he noticed one of the valets. He was about Parsons’ age. He was smiling and joking. He seemed to love his work."

"This valet changed Parsons’ perspective and thereby his life. Parson thought, "If GoDaddy fails, I'll just park cars." It didn't seem that bad a life after all." MORE


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