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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Domain "Cesspool" in The Crosshairs- Google Wins!

Building on the Google Killing Parked Pages story we introduced the other night... "Publishers who copy content clearly shouldn’t be rewarded, but should domain owners be penalized simply for owning parked domains? Some say that these changes will cause harm to the domain industry as a whole given keyword driven domains lose value when they no longer appear in search. While type-in traffic moves toward browser tool bars and more people rely on to find what they need, it seems clear that domain name owners will need to focus more on creating high quality content to earn money from those clicks. At the end of the day, Google wins." Plus Cocaine... everywhere and now Google guns for Amazon.

Owen Frager likes a link.
Search engine giant targets both copied sites and domain name parking services in continued effort to clean up Internet Cesspool”; pushes to identify

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