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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Guest Post: Steven Sacks: Why are premium domain names considered to be so valuable?

Domains that
are considered to be premium have the most marketing potential. Due to their short and memorable nature, many already receive significant type-in traffic. Your organization can utilize this established presence and existing traffic to attract customers, build your brand and gain credibility as an industry leader. Here are a few examples of brand name category owners:

About Steven Sacks: is a professional domain broker with over a decade of industry experience. We provide members with direct access to purchase and sell many of the world's premium generic domain names. Acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, we ensure safe and fair transactions are made between both parties.

If you are interested in purchasing any domain names under our management, you must register for an account with Once a member, This service will allow you to easily access and submit offers on thousands of premium generic domains in a secure environment.

To learn more about the value of generic domain names, click here.

Photo: Via Steven Sacks, Facebook

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