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Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA Explained Simply and A Rare Premium Name Collection Is Offered To Discerning Buyers Who Demand The Best In Life

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Also... today Virgin loses control of porn domain; Ron Paul could finish second; If you were one of 162 million people showing up at Wikipedia when no one was home you may be wondering, what is SOPA in plain English and What's the Best Way to Protect Against Online Piracy?

.... and Three Technologies that Will Change the Way We Shop; 5 Mistakes Not To Make While Domaining; and Brian Williams feature on the two guys who made a video, got 18 million views and now have Networks fighting over their salaries to star in a series based on it.

The "S#*& Girls Say" series of online videos have been watched more than 18 million times. Graydon Shepard is the man behind the woman who might remind us of someone we know. Shepard talks to Brian Williams about becoming a viral hit, prospects for success in Hollywood, and the inspiration for the popular videos.

Brian Williams met with Graydon Shepard at a local bar in New York City, where they also created what could be the first episode of a new Rock Center web series.

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