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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Who's Reading What Right Now? You'd Be Surprised.

It always amazes me when I log into my stats control panel and can see 50 people logged in at the same time, from all over the world, not reading the current story from or even coming to the homepage to read my blog like a newspaper, but rather coming from Google search in pursuit of knowledge about a particular person or subject. With almost 8000 pages of Google indexed content on the site, it shouldn't surprise me. But for the original profiles we write about famous thought leaders, those profiled should know that regardless of how long ago I wrote the article, every day someone is reading it and taking away great impressions about you.

At the time of this writing....

A guest from Social Circle, Georgia reading archived content: getting ready for the New Year
The Frager Factor: Your 2012 Survival Guide- What Would Your Domain Be Worth Without Power?

Guest from Neutraubling, Germany showing interest in one of my domain name sales pages gets (20-30 a day come to plus 200 other domains lead to sales pages within here)

Ireland is reading
: Adam Dicker, new Domain Hall of Famer, Pays it Forward

Another from Sunnyville, CA reading our call-to-action feature on

Reading right now from a K12 school in Stevens Point, Wisconsin: Moron Alert-- Quibids (.com): A Name so Bad They Have To Spell It At The End of the Spot

A guest from Chicago tuned into: KKR's GoDaddy Among Record $141.6 Billion Investment Year; e-Commerce Up 289% Over 2010

A guest from Courbevoie, France reading: Our Time (.com) Breaks Major TV Ad Campaign But WE Just Hand Registered Better Alternative

Another guest from Sao Paulo reading about Braden Pollock

In Taipei, someone's logged into The Frager Factor reading: Zappos- Simply Brilliant Marketing Strategy

Guest in Kelowna, British Columbia searches Google for "frank schilling and the nasdaq" landing on: Frank Schilling is $27 Million Richer This Year- Anyone Else But Me Notice?

Alexandria VA is reading: Andrew Rosener: Out There In The Blue, Riding On a Smile And $21 Million In Domain Sales

Oklahoma City reader Googled "rob monster who is" and got our profile on Rob

And in Kingston UK, they googled "barry diller" "writers network" and got our piece about Barry

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