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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bakersfield Restaurant To Chicago and the Internet... Will The Real Marchex Please Stand Up

"Those same metrics domainers live or die by a decade later,
are the same metrics that stuck Marchex with a bill of goods."

Will any one join me in doing domaining differently? The folks a DNS will. Here's why:

Studies show that the startup costs to open a restaurant of this caliber well exceed one million dollars. But, for less than $10K, on, Bakersfield Restaurant is ready for Global franchise even before it opens day one. That's why a start-up should start buy buying a premium name before it even buys its first roll of toilet paper.

In other recent sale additions to the web, for less than $3K has ditched it's hyphen ( and improved it's odds of being found versus lost forwarding to existing domain name


In other truncation news, ditched 11 characters to now be both its known name and shorter name, for just $5364/character or $59K for the upgrade. The new shorter name, which forwards to the legacy domain, does something even more—it unlocks the potential for SmartStop to expand into the moving, packing, storage and transportation space beyond just a few cubic yards of rental lockers.

Of course there is the ultimate next step up, Frank Schilling's,

Congratulations also go out to the acquirer of who simply forwards to one of the beacons of the red hot online skin car business, the UK's Wellness Aesthetic Group.

These are the kinds of business motivations that cause real end users to buy real domains for real business applications.

If you are still looking at search volume (as this thread does with its Yun Ye logic, totally missing the mark in appraising the most valuable name for end user applications), Estibot appraisals and CPC quotes, you are like little girls playing houses with dolls and doll houses. If you follow Yun Ye down the garden path, who based his business on quick exit of getting 10x revenue on a model not possible today, you will be as misled by Ye thinking as Ye's greatest fool— Marchex.

Because those same metrics domainers live or die by a decade later, are the same metrics that stuck Marchex with a bill of goods.

So while you guys think Ye's portfolio was there best, and he had them all locked up by 2000, how do you explain Berkens, Schwartz, Mann, Day, Ham, Schilling, Castellos and others acquiring the better ones- ones that produce 100x more annual sales than do the Marchex brands?

"Domainers," Wake up and smell the dog shit stuck to your foot!

You screw your selves more than Marchex did to itself every day. At least they had the funds to start and build a completely new business to hide their domain ruins as Yahoo did to hide mistakes like GeoCities. If you continue down this path, your only future will be Mike Mann's but Squeegee Man's!

A domineer would have built a directory of Bakersfield California restaurants on and never thought bigger. Never thought global. Never even looked into what all these Chilli's, and Chipolte and Carrabba's cost to start and flourish even though they are succeeding from zip right before your eyes during all the time you are looking to domains to make your own fortune.

Think about what could happen if you were holding that name. STOP thinking of the web as a yellow page directory. End user sales are proving this decade -old Yun Ye thinking WRONG. And if that's not enough MARCHEX is the prime example of why it's WRONG.

And the big smart domainers know it. They are laughing at everyone else occasionally stealing a catch of the big fish you let get away as long as you stay uninformed.

Tell me I'm wrong but then also explain another theory for why 99% of your investments never sell. Or why

when you look at the screenshots above, and all of the faces of Marchex, the one they least proudly wear is that of the Yun Ye acquisition.

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