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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frank Schilling To Close The Doors On A Unique Opportunity In Time For Ultra-Premium Domain Holders

"This business still offers opportunity like no other! So many un-mined veins. There are just 200 million names registered for 7 billion people (and 500 million businesses) to share. " ~~Frank Schilling

Frank Schilling offered up a rare treat yesterday, a blog post entitled “There Are No Accidents,” well written in a way only Frank can.

Since its official launch at T.R..A.F.F.I.C. in October Frank Schilling has graciously been hand-holding the portfolios of other uber-premium domain owners, giving them the same care, attention and proprietary sales tools he applies to his own portfolio. The result has been a huge boost in earnings and end user sales for a select group of invited participants.

Frank has invested heavily into some breakthrough research and sales tools that educate a user of how to evaluate a domain for their business in terms of what it makes rather than what it costs. This has opened the floodgates to sales, as end users finally realize that there is only a finite supply of domain names that can become marketing assets, while there are over 33% of existing brands out there handicapped by flawed domains that will be liabilities as we end the age of typing and enter the age of talk. This is a sea change so large it can only compared to the transition from horse -drawn transportation to the combustion engine.

Another huge factor driving a demand for domains unlike any other in the history of time, is cloud computing. This too is the biggest fundamental change in the way we get information since the personal computer was introduced. I, the weeks these clear, generic domains that speak universally across the world through an app icon have been swept up, and the number of surfers connecting to the Internet via mobile devices exceeds those of the PC, Apple stock has catapulted to over $500 and I predict no stopping it north of $1000 as Apple revolutionizes TV and now we navigate on all devices in our world- from opening a can to closing a weekend house.

There was another reason for to dotCOM is essential branding for Cloud Software. It's why,,, and others acquired by readers of this blog, create perception of Internet based- whereas names like SAP, Oracle and BMC are turn offs to companies associated with all the last generations hassle and expense and inflexibility of CRM Software.

I've written up this revolution in numerous articles HERE and HERE, and HERE and HERE.

I'e also argued that domain names have finally crossed the Rubicon into full-fledged brands. The 1% of the cream that rose to the top have now to do unto themselves what they give others the power to do: Rebrand. They are no longer domainers, they are brand builders. The #1 reason end users buy domains is to brand something new or fix a brand that's broken. Sale after sale for the highest return after return that we examined beneath the headlines on the DNS homepage ticker, prove the reason to buy is that simple.

In promoting the value of domains, we've talked about something called the radio test. I've been taking that to the next level with something I call the SIRI test. Ask SIRI for TUMLBR and see what she says? Could that be why they bellied up to the bar and went for Tumbler? Why suddenly had to be rebranded Or why Meet.ME was worth $450K to Why when you ask SIRI for "New York Plumbers" she's not going to send you to a site named NYPlumbers? Could that have driven the mid-figure DNS sale of to Or driving another mid-five figure DNS November sale, East Rest is a luxury bedding product sold by direct response TV ads. The call-to-action had been They spent mid figures to upgrade to Smart. I reckon there are thousands of other sales made simply to truncate the name and drop the “my.”

The only reason it got registered to begin with is because when they went to Network Solutions to register, they got a message that it was taken and a suggestion they register the MY alternative. The end user never was informed that there is an aftermarket where it still may be possible to own the exact one they want.

See a pattern here?

Frank Schilling's release and one-on-one tutorials of the Domain Name Sales platform was among the biggest highlights of T.R.A.F.F.I.C @The Ritz in October. Like the disruptive parking solution rolled out before it, this is arguably one of the most valuable innovations to move the industry forward.

Frank had built the sales system to manage inquiries on his own names which ran in the hundreds per day. He also presented a powerful infographic with fact-based support about the potential value and return on investment from acquiring the ideal domain. Where end users had before just seen a parking page and a link or tried to identify and contact the owner from the whois, now instead of being stopped in their tracks by a perceived outrageous price, they see a business case that positions the investment as a revenue generator versus a cost.

The problem before is that there was just a small contact button opening an email to the owner. It was blank. There was no guidance and the response email domain didn't add credibility to the sales process. I think the biggest roadblock me and the others faced was buyers wanted to contact us but couldn't figure out how. Or email was never delivered.

By adding the single line of code, there is an 800# staffed 24/7 and an offer form surrounded by fact-based support of domain value and branding from the most respected authority in the space. Those who wish to be more personally aggressive can simply leverage this code when promoting their own portfolios in social media. For example add #dreamforce when cloud computing's Oscar days are in session, where all the best prospects are for the top inventory, your ad will be apart of a live thread of tweets with 10s of thousands of eyeballs in attention much the way your eyes were tuned to the domainFest tweeting last week. To me it's a miracle!

You might think you can do this on your own. But it's a lot different when they land on a credible page of fact-based sales support, have a professional broker accustomed to handling 6-7 figure sales an 800# away and also a contact system that doesn't break down as most do at the last mile when emails get stuck in spam or misdirected through multiple listing third parties.

And I can assure you it works. I tested this during the live Tweeting from domainFest. A headline "Frank Schilling Makes More Millions" with hashtag #domainfest added resulted in 1000s of page view within seconds! btw, social media headline doesn't have to match article headline and once you discover its business advantages that go far beyond your comprehension of social media as a soap box to announce what you've had for breakfast, you will see where Frank's platform has a huge head start and competitive advantage that all of the other brokers failed to understand, embrace and engage early on. (Shame on you Sedo, SHAME!)

Frank shared with me privately last week even bigger plans afoot and hinted in his posts to "work harder than ever to unlock the value of the portfolios which we manage. I want to pay back those who believed in me and create a cycle of prosperity for those who had faith in me. If you thought last year was surprising, this year will floor you. All the changes we execute this year are designed to unlock the value and increase the cash flow of the generic name owners we support."

But the window is closing on this unique opportunity in time. Warns Frank, "We’ve switched upstream monetization partners and we’re innovating (as I write) for the future benefit of ourselves and our sub-syndication partners. This will result in material benefits in the next 3 months, at which time I may temporarily stop adding new participants to ITC/DNS. Some of the changes contemplated by our upstream advertising partners are remarkably bold and out-of-the-box. All our ITC/DNS account holders will benefit from the changes if our upstream folks execute on the grand ideas they’ve shared with us."

Personally, I've never seen so many offers on my own domains so early in the year on any other system. And I feel great about passing on all of ten knowing once each domain goes to its final resting place, it will never be available to go to anyone else again at any price.

Here are some examples of results delivered to me and other domainers in the program over it's initial first four months— with tens of thousands of negotiations opened and still in progress. Many like (cloud talk for mobile worker), and others we've previously cited in the links offered above, a steal at under $3,000! Some simply to fix a typo, remove a my or improve the extension. If you have names like these (and you need to understand the difference), and are still not part of the Domain Name Sales program, contact Frank immediately before the opportunity is toast forever. As will be the domain names for if there is more than one Juan Yarur, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you that you waited too long and just forever missed the chance to own! And that applies to all Hillside Plumbers, UK Carpet Cleaners, etc. etc. and so on! See below how the name supply has been squeezed in just the last 90 days. No more time for "dithering" as Cheney likes to press obama when funds are needed to increase Haliburton's quarterly results. N/A Feb 9, 12 DNS - 1500 - 1500 under $3k - 2011-12-16 $0-3k under 3K - 2011-12-05 $0-3k N/A Feb 6, 12 DNS - 1500 under $3k N/A $3-5k USD Jan 31, 12 DNS N/A - 2011-12-30 $5-10k – 15K 1500 $5-10k - 2011-12-14 $0-3k - 2011-12-28 $0-3k - 2011-12-30 $20-50k - 1500 – 15k $50-100k – 7.5k - 1500 – 7.5 N/A Feb 7, 12 DNS under $3k - 15 $3-5k USD - 2011-12-12 $0-3k n/a - 1500 - 1500 - 2011-12-23 $0-3k - 2011-12-08 $0-3k N/A Feb 9, 12 DNS $3-5k N/A - 2011-12-13 $0-3k - 1500 - 1500 - 2011-12-06 $0-3k - 1500 under $3k - 2011-12-08 $20-50k $20-50k - 2011-12-17 $5-10k - 2011-11-07 1500 under $3k $10-20k $3-5k $5-10k USD Feb 9, 12 DNS - 2011-11-15 1500 N/A - 2011-11-15 1500 - 1500 - 2011-12-07 $3-5k $3-5k USD - $20-50k 7.5 under $3k USD Feb 11, 12 DNS N/A N/A - 1500 - 2011-12-15 $0-3k N/A Feb 9, 12 DNS - 2011-12-01 $10-20k $3-5k USD Feb 14, 12 DNS - 1500 - $20-50k $50-100k - - 1500 - 2011-12-21 $0-3k $3-5k USD Feb 10, 12 DNS - 2011-12-12 $10-20k - 2011-12-30 $3-5k - 2011-12-20 $20-50k $10-20k N/A Feb 1, 12 DNS N/A N/A under $3k $3-5k N/A N/A under $3k - 2011-12-05 $0-3k - 1500 N/A - 2011-12-21 $0-3k N/A N/A - 1500 – 1500 – 1500 - 2011-12-06 $0-3k - 2011-12-05 $0-3k $10-20k – 4k - 2011-12-20 $0-3k - 2011-12-22 $10-20k – 7.5 - 2011-12-22 $5-10k N/A$3-5k - 1500 - 2011-12-02 $0-3k – 1500 under $3k – 1500 N/A under $3k $5-10k - 2011-11-28 7.5 $20-50k - 2011-11-24 $1500 $20-50k - 2011-11-07 $7.5 - 2011-11-17 $1500 N/A - 2011-12-30 $50-100k N/A under $3k - 2011-12-07 $3-5k - 2011-11-22 $50-100k - 2011-11-12 $7.5 - 2011-11-14 $1500 - 2011-11-17 $1500 $20-50k USD under $3k under $3k - 2011-12-19 $0-3k $5-10k N/A - 2011-11-18 $20-50k $3-5k - 2011-11-17 $1500 $50-100k - 2011-12-19 $0-3k under $3k under $3k - 2011-11-16 $1500 - 2011-12-12 $10-20k - 2011-11-28 $4 - 2011-12-28 $10-20k$5-10k under $3k USD - 2011-11-22 $4 N/A - 2011-12-26 $0-3k - 2011-11-16 $20-50k under $3k under $3k $20-50k - 2011-11-24 $0-3k - 2011-12-19 $5-10k N/A $10-20k U - 2011-11-14 $20-50k - 2011-12-16 $3-5k - 2011-12-29 $10-20k - 2011-11-22 $0-3k - 2011-11-11 $10-20k - 2011-11-01 $0-3k - 2011-12-28 $0-3k - 2011-12-23 $5-10k $100-150k - 2011-12-21 $10-20k $20-50k - 2011-12-21 $5-10k under $3k N/A $5-10k - 2011-12-20 $10-20k - 2011-11-09 $0-3k N/A $50-100k USD - 2011-11-22 $10-20k - 2011-11-17 $0-3k N/A Feb 9, 12 DNS - 2011-11-30 $0-3k $50-100 - 2011-11-29 $0-3k - 2011-11-11 $50-100k - 2011-11-25 $5-10k - 2011-11-01 $0-3k - 2011-11-08 $0-3k under $3k USD Feb 9, 12 DNS - 2011-12-22 $3-5k - 2011-11-22 $0-3k - 2011-11-30 $0-3k - 2011-12-29 $10-20k - 2011-11-08 $0-3k - 2011-12-29 $20-50k - 2011-11-18 $10-20k under $3k - 2011-11-03 $0-3k N/A - 2011-11-03 $50-100k $5-10k - 2011-11-15 $0-3k under $3k - 2011-11-07 $0-3k - 2011-11-11 $0-3k $20-50k N/A Jan 31, 12 DNS - 2011-11-07 $0-3k under $3k N/A $5-10k - 2011-11-29 $0-3k N/A Jan 30, 12 DNS - 2011-11-15 $0-3k - 2011-12-07 $0-3k N/A Feb 1, 12 DNS $20-50k - 2011-11-23 $10-20k - 2011-11-15 $5-10k - 2011-11-29 $20-50k - 2011-12-09 $0-3k $5-10k under $3k N/A - 2011-11-14 $0-3k - 2011-11-17 $0-3k N/A Jan 30, 12 DNS - 2011-11-02 $20-50k - 2011-12-01 $50-100k - 2011-12-08 $10-20k - 2011-12-01 $20-50k - 2011-11-18 $10-20k $3-5k N/A Jan 31, 12 - 2011-11-17 $0-3k - 2011-12-14 $0-3k - 2011-11-07 $50-100k N/A Feb 1, 12 DNS $10-20k USD Feb 9, 12 DNS N/A Feb 8, 12 DNS $50-100k - 2011-12-13 $20-50k - 2011-11-07 $3-5k N/A - 2011-11-09 $0-3k - 2011-12-15 $10-20k - 2011-11-07 $10-20k N/A N/A

Plus with regard to Frank's personal collection six figures or more have been rejected multiple times for the following, each of which could be sold this afternoon with a single phones call (can you say that about your portfolio, if so and its not in Frank's care GET IT THERE). But that's the point, once sold these names will be out of play forever. This is no longer the minor leagues and the insider trading games and tax sheltering buying motivations you see reported elsewhere.,
Earthmama (now known as itunes)

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