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Sunday, March 04, 2012

100 Prospects for

Branding mistakes aside, I think is getting more than their money's worth as a mobile app that replaced Apps take the shopping out of buying. So no one types anything and soon we will be speaking commands. Over 25 billion apps have been downloaded and Apple sold $350K worth in just the past nine days. 136,000 developers with a similar need for names that .CO can fill.

But should overstock want to sell, here are some ready prospects, most interesting of which is the new name for the war on terror.

This first batch I found by typing into Google
Premium Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Home -

Olson --
Olson, named one of Inc. Magazine's fastest growing private companies, is a non -traditional agency based in Minneapolis, dedicated to building brand ...

CO Biomedical - Dual stabilized, immediate load capable, dental ...
Featuring one piece and two piece dental implants, OCO Biomedical offers the next generation of dental implant technology. Our Dual Stabilization dental ...

ORACLE Arena & Coliseum
The Oakland Alameda County Arena & Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum are home to the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Athletics and Golden State Warriors.

Here are the others:

Oahu Civic Orchestra (Hawaii)
Oakland Californias Official *
Oakland Civic Orchestra (Oakland, CA)
Oakland Community Organizations ***
Oberlin College Observer *
Object Code Only
Oceania Customs Organisation ***
Oceania Customs Organization **
Oceanic Conservation Organization *
Odumegwu Chukwumeka Ojukwu *
Of the Customer ***
Off-Load Control Officer
Office Chief of Ordnance **
Office of Central Operations
Office of Civil Operations *
Office of Civilian Operations
Office of Climate Observation (NOAA)
Office of Climate Observations **
Office of Cofinancing Operations **
Office of Communications and Outreach ***
Office of Community Outreach ****
Office of Contract Oversight **
Office of Correctional Operations **
Office of the Chief of Ordnance **
Office of the Credit Ombudsman
Office, Chief Ordnance
Officer Commanding Operations *
offload control officer *
Ohio Consent Order **
Oklahoma Community Orchestra
Olathe Community Orchestra (Olathe, KS)
Old Cornish (linguistics)
Oldenburg Carl von Ossietzky *
Olympia Chamber Orchestra ****
Oman Charitable Organization **
On Campus Outreach ***
Oncocamp Clfnica de Oncologia *
Ondernerings Club Opglabbeek **
One Cancel Other ***
One Cancels the Order (banking, foreign exchange)
One Cancels the Other ****
Online Career Office *
Online Channel Optimization
Online College of Oklahoma **
ontario capital opportunities **
Oort Cloud Object
Open Close Open ***
Operating and Control Organization
Operating Capital Outlay
Operation Community Outreach ***
Operational Capabilities Objective
Operational Capability Objective *
Operational Contracting Officer
Operations Control Office *
Ophthalmic Clinical Officer **
Optimal Cycle Ordering
Orange Coast Optimist *
Orange County Online ****
Orange County Open ****
Orange County Organizer **
Orbiting Carbon Observatory
Order Cancel Order ****
Order Cancels Order ***
Oregon Center for Optics **
Organic Council of Ontario **
Organizational Capability Office *
Organizing Committee Office ****
Orobona Carolynne Ofiranet *
Oromo Community Organization **
Orthodox Christian Outreach ***
Orthopaedic Clinical Officers *
OS on the Council *
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra (Finland)
Oswego County Opportunities ***
Other Change in Operations *
Overall Control Office
Overall Cost of Ownership *
Overseas Contingency Operations
Owning Contracting Officer
Oxygen Consuming Organics **

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