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Thursday, March 15, 2012

For $185K, It's Not About Not Setting LLL or .Net Record- It's All About Truncation, Baby!

"This business still offers opportunity like no other! So many un-mined veins. There are just 200 million names registered for 7 billion people (and 500 million businesses) to share. " ~~Frank Schilling



Any questions?

Though this set a record for .net and LLL truncation, and is higher than the ASP of $5OK for most end-user truncation-motivated acquisitions, it is not even close to the traction records being set by such a sales as:, pays over a million to truncate to

In promoting the value of truncation in domains, we've talked about something called the radio test. I've been taking that to the next level with something I call the SIRI test. Ask SIRI for TUMLBR and see what she says?

Could that be why they bellied up to the bar and went for Tumbler?

Why suddenly had to be rebranded

Or why Meet.ME was worth $450K to

Or driving another mid-five figure DNS November sale, East Rest is a luxury bedding product sold by direct response TV ads. The call-to-action had been They spent mid figures to upgrade to

Smart. I reckon there are thousands of other sales made simply to truncate the name and drop the “my.” And now Afternic DLS will help connect these kind of branding problems with solutions as never before.

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