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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TRUNCATION Baby! Billionaire Buyers of Revealed

“We have created considerable value by partnering with Water Street to make CareCentrix a standalone company. Water Street’s focus on health care and their particular expertise in payer services will benefit CareCentrix tremendously. It is for this very reason that we decided to maintain a 31 percent ownership stake in CareCentrix."

The buyers of Frank Schilling's brandable gem,, have been revealed. True to the course of our reporting, this near 6-figure sale was a BARGAIN BASEMENT brandable bought for TRUNCATION of Water Street Healthcare Partners ( and previously

Water Street Healthcare Partners is a leading private equity firm focused exclusively on health care. With more than $1 billion of capital under management, Water Street is one of the most active investors in the health care industry. The firm has a strong record of building market-leading companies across key growth sectors in health care. It has partnered with some of the world's leading health care companies on its investments including: Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic and Smith & Nephew. Water Street's team is comprised of industry executives and private equity professionals with decades of experience investing in and operating global health care businesses. The firm is headquartered in Chicago.

And since Water Street just purcashed OraPharma Inc. from Johnson & Johnson Services Inc. for tens of millions, and has been sweeping up under this brand 100s of others just as valuable, with its billion dollar war chest, I'd say the last thing they cared about is traffic looking for neither water nor water street.

The domain was a STEAL!

And there you have the best domain name education money can't buy.

and PS Morgan, you know I love you dearly. But nothing other then human intelligence and intuition can appraise a domain like this and any sold worth selling to end users at a big return, need this kind of understanding. btw, Your tool gave me a $9K value on a $100K plus domain multiple offers in that range. Love your enthusiasm and don't want to dampened spirits but last thing I also want is more domainers misled down a garden path of fantasy. Did that myself once, (even though starting with the most honest of intentions as i know yours are), I still can't sleep at night years later. You don't want to go through life like that. Back to the drawing board.

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