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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why Blogger?

As an example, on WordPress, based on Google positions, which hadn't been updated in 16 months, generated around 350 page views per month in 2011.

The first month moved to blogger, over 2500 page views ! That's mostly end user traffic and is another example of 100 visitors a day to a page within this blog, that comes regardless of what I post new or even if I stopped posting all together.

Having created 8500 pages since 2006, it's almost like having bought 8500 domains with traffic.

What I've build here is not  blog in the traditional sense or compared to other blogs.

It's an encyclopedia covering knowledge on hundreds of popular topics and people that are searched for every day.

I am very proud of it and also grateful to Google without whom this achievement would never be possible most other ways.

I invite you to go to the archive menu to the right and pick any time period at random. As you scroll through the pages, knowing what you know now that you didn't know then, it will be a very different experience and make sense of content that made no sense before.

One day I will seize my passion for the web and the value it can create, and broadcast it for all to see.

Meanwhile, I leave a lot out of these posts, mostly secrets of traffic generation and platform advantages that give me an edge.

If I could do it, anyone can do it. Pick one domain, and let me show you how.

btw, failed to meet a ridiculously low minimum bid at two domainer auctions. Thank God!

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