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Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Pays $125K To TRUNCATE to

"American Furniture Warehouse is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States. American Furniture Warehouse makes a priority of working efficiently and keeping costs low, so that those savings can be passed on to the more than one million customers the company serves each year."

Domain Name Wire described GoDaddy's #2 aftermarket sale of the month as " for $125,000, setting a pretty sturdy bar for a good three letter .com domain."

Wrong, Andrew, Forget your tired old domain appraisal metrics.

We are living in the age of SIRI and truncation. The old rules no longer apply.

$125K is a steal for a 40 year old brand (American Furniture Warehouse) to truncate their name for survival and thrival in a new digital age challenged by competition unlike in business ever before, where your imminent demise is just a click away.

Especially for serial entrepreneur Jake Jabs whose life has been finding opportunities in hardship, just as Frank Schilling found new life for domains after the dot COM Bust. Jab's is author of "Things to Survive a Recession and Reasons Why Companies Go out of Business."

"Jabs came across an opportunity that would become his life. American Furniture Warehouse was founded in 1975 when Jabs purchased the struggling, 90-year-old American Furniture Company. With just one location at 58th and Bannock in Denver, Colorado, Jabs brought in fresh marketing ideas and new business philosophies, including a name change to American Furniture Warehouse, which set the company on the path to success. Under Jabs' leadership over the last three decades, American Furniture Warehouse is vastly different than the one-store operation he purchased in 1975"

 "The company has expanded into a twelve-store operation that has experienced a remarkable growth trend over the years. As he has been since the beginning, Jabs is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and also leads the company's team of buyers - even taking multiple buying trips in the U.S. and overseas per year himself."

"Today, American Furniture Warehouse, which is headquartered in Englewood, is one of the top retail furniture companies in the U.S. With sales topping $330 million in 2008 and with 1,500 employees throughout Colorado, American Furniture Warehouse is one of the largest privately held businesses in the state."

 Congratulations to GoDaddy and American Furniture Warehouse.

 Domainers: Wake up and smell the cappuccino. There will never be another opportunity like this again. TRUNCATION is the #1 reason for all of the highest domain name sales on record. I repeat... TRUNCATION! There is no "sturdy bar," just one three letter combo and a million suitors for it. The bar is set high and not closed until the one who jumps highest over it shows its cards to the world.

And GoDaddy why the hell are you asleep at the switch? TELL these stories. Earn your f-in 30% commission and unlawful hold on funds. Help your trustees see the value in their assets and realize it.

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