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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Donald Trump's Missed Opportunity For

On a site that's all about Savings, why would you name it a word that says everything else? Then give an hour on TV to try to fix it? Tagline: "The most convenient way to SAVE more and DO more?" HUH??

On last Sunday's Celebrity Apprentice the folks at gave $60K to charity (a good thing) but also spent a lot of money on two spec commercials to explain what is and does. I would assume before the show, that it's some kind of tabloid site.

But instead it's a site about coupons and savings. If you watched the episode and everything they had to think of so the message got across and all of its applications would be clear, and you'd see that you could save the whole sixty second ad why changing the brand name to Instead you'd free the time to make an offer that rings the register. That's domain POWER. Untapped and undiscovered by the masses as demonstrated right here.

You could also rename the old world coupon clipping book the execs were concerned with offending, "SaveMe" and now EVERYONE gets it and one generation leads you right into another.

 Maybe it will take a genius like Domain Shane to get the message across to Mr. Trump personally as they meet onstage as part of Protrada's move to open new markets to mainstream investors.

But if the mentality behind the making of this commercial and Mr. Trump spending a two hour show to prove to me what a commercial is needed when a name doesn't be the commercial too, that it can be when the name is right, Mr. Shane's star power will light or fade at this very turn.

We're counting on you plant man. Show your own commercial using instead.

But seeing Paul Tutle Sr in sleeves was Celebrity Apprentice had a different looking man on the Sunday night Ad Hawk episode. Technically it was Paul Teutul Sr. but the Chopper star wasn't looking like he normally did on the reality show, he cleaned up to be part of the shoot for an commercial.

Sharing that he would do whatever was needed for the team to win, he got over to the stylist chair and got his hair cut perfectly. Add that his mustache was finely trimmed and that he wore a long sleeve shirt with a sweater, and the entertainer could have been any man walking down the street. Radically different looking Paul Teutul Sr. was funny to Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken as they both laughed. However one of the biggest compliments came from Ivanka Trump who came to check on the team.

Sharing his look showed commitment, the woman checking for Donald Trump seemed impressed. “The highlight of my week is Paul dressed like a dweeb. I respect that,” said Ivanka Trump about the new look of Paul Teutul Sr.

 Of course in the firing they got it wrong too- With 40 years of experience in front and behind a camera wrongfully terminated "Incredible Hulk" Lou Ferrigno knew how to move the camera to get the right branding, especially since the name doesn't do it- but a super model overruled him. That's generally how corporate naming decisions we can't understand are made as well.

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