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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

In A Few Weeks, Courtesy of Steve Jobs, My Work Here Will Be Done

Einstein said: "Everything of importance has been seem by someone who didn't discover it." 


He writes, "You may already know that in the final year of his life, Jobs revealed a stunning betrayal — and told his biographer, "I will spend my last dying breath... and every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank to right this wrong." What was it that made Jobs so irate — and why could it make a few in-the-know investors some major profits over the coming months and years?"

If I asked anyone on the street to name a Genius, the name probably mentioned 90% of the time would be Einstein. Then if I asked what Einstein did, they'd say Theory of Relativity.

If I asked what's that, they wouldn't know. Basically it was that energy could be created from light. And that led to the invention of the Atomic bomb which he didn't create but played a key role and making it real.

Would you say "Albert Einstein is the mother of all Evil, the terrorist who armed the world with weapons of mass destruction."

Of course not.

Because Steve Jobs was totally inspired and driven by Einstein. Six quotes including the one cited above from Einstein sat framed on Job's desk and if you look at Apple, it's like those quotes were a roadmap for building the greatest company in the world.

What Steve Jobs did, though, was to even question Einstein. To ask himself "if energy could be created from light" why couldn't that energy be harnessed for good instead of evil?

And there lies the importance that Einstein saw, but never discovered.

In a few short weeks, the Steve Jobs surprise I've referred to and also was referred to in his biography, will change the world as we know it. It's not about computing but about turning light to energy. It's much bigger than computing and that's why the analysts don't see it.

Tim Cook's trip to China was a signal that the "Jobs Surprise" is in its final stages of preparation for launch.

Now would be a great time to reread Bill Gates book "Business at the speed of thought." If you wonder how he's missed the last century, perhaps his best move was to do what Schwartz says to do, take a nap and sit the trial, error and failure out.

He is a big part of one of the two Apple secrets everyone has seen but few have discovered.

I laid out the original plan right here, and a better writer turned my scenario into the most clear, concise and informed analysis of the future of computing ever published.

But with Google out of that picture, and Jobs out for blood, an even smarter idea will win. And it doesn't hurt that they're seasoned with a little competitive vitriol.

The wired and wireless world is hyper-connected, and just as Jobs always wanted and predicted, the marketplace is ravenous for the smartest idea flawlessly delivered. iPads, Siri, effortless integration of visual and auditory product no matter what its source. So long, keyboards. Take note, Google and Microsoft and other lumbering giants - you're in the Triassic Age and the meteor is minutes from impact. 

As Oprah said this week admitting her failure running a network "just because you've failed doesn't mean you are a failure."

I will be taking some time out the next few days to prepare for the brave new world that's about to unfold.

When the new world unfolds it's history book will already be written. Sending a lifetime of scholarly eyeballs right to the 8000 pages within here. My work will be done. Stay tuned.

BTW, Reread this prediction based on what I know and see how far it's progressed since I wrote it. Hope you got in because still a lot of runway even for those who didn't listen when I made the case for $300 when it was $5. Many DID listen and i get notes like this one all the time: "I bought Apple at 145 thanks to you! I ALWAYS get you and always follow your advice." She's made more on that tip then on Over $200K investments in pigeon shit domains. And she's also invested in the bomb that's about to kill most domains.

 Think about it!

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