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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 More Proof That If You've Got The Application, .ME IS The Marketing Plan

Domainers: Note these screen shots I share. In story after story I 've been sharing, we are witnessing a migration to a web that is conceptually different from your concept of search, yellow places, PPC ads, even articles! It is unrecognizable from the pages you create. See part two coming on .com as well. Selling begins with understanding.

Via.Me: A .ME Development Program Success Story

New Social Publishing Platform By RadiumOne Helps You Share Photos, Videos and Audio

PODGORICA, Montenegro, Apr 10, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Via.Me, a new iPhone application developed by RadiumOne using a domain name acquired through the .ME Premium Names program, is an application that allows users to share pictures, video, audio and even stories across several of the leading social networks.
By distilling the function of several different applications into one easy to use stream, Via.Me users are able to utilize a variety of communication tools without leaving the app. With automatic updates to Facebook and Twitter, Via.Me is the fastest way to share photos, video and audio clips with friends across the social landscape.
Following the November 2011 acquisition of Focal Labs, RadiumOne began work on a new publishing platform with an intuitive interface that allows users to share pictures (with a variety of optional photo filters), video, sound and stories with a personal twist.
“When choosing a domain name, Via dot-Me was a perfect fit. Said RadiumOne Marketing Vice President, Doug Chavez. “We were already naturally saying something was ‘sent via Mike, or Kevin, etc,’ when sharing with friends, so the name has very organic origins. And we know having a dot-ME domain name attached to your name or brand is a valuable tool for branding personal identity online, making it an obvious choice for us.”
In the era of multiple content-sharing platforms, it is not surprising that a tool that simplifies and streamlines the publishing process has become increasingly popular. The Via.Me application has already been featured on both TechCrunch and The Next Web and received positive reviews, with a TNW article stating that “as far as its UI is concerned, is as slick as they come.”
With Via.Me, everyone can have access to personalized publishing. Brands and celebrities can more easily aggregate their social presence and leverage immense amounts of social data to streamline broad marketing efforts.
“Via dot-ME is a great example of how a dot-ME domain name can enhance an excellent product,” said Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .ME Registry. “Incorporating a dot-ME domain name gives Via dot-Me the personal aspect of service and brings users an added layer of unique personalization. The dot-ME registry uses this service to keep up with each other and our friends while we are on the road. If one of us sees or hears something cool, we can share it instantly.”
If you think your project has what it takes to use a .ME premium domain name like Via.Me, WP.Me (WordPress) or FB.Me (Facebook), contact the .ME Registry’s development program.
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