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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mike Mann "Cycles of Success" — Delivers Solid April Sales

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Enough about Frank Schilling.

Let's talk about the guy who Snatched Up 14,962 Domain Names In 24 Hours And Generates $400,000 Every Month — Mike Mann. 

According to a post Mike made on Facebook, "We sold 341 domains at an ASP of $942.52 in April. Avg price increased each month this year starting at $736.25 in January."

The average turnover of the names was 668 days.

The total cost of April's sales was $14,341.32 and our average profit margin was 7637%.

324 of the names sold, or 95%, were acquired at a cost of less than $69. These names had an ASP of $618.67."

April Sales Included: $4,500.00 $13,000.00 $17,000 $26,000.00 (February) for $350.00 $5000 $4250, for 10K. $3500 for $25000.00 $15,000.00 (Acquired: 2011-09-11 $7.48) $12,500.00 

We have argued many times about building greater domain value reaching for the platform versus the eyeballs.

Mike has also built a strong  platform infrastructure of portals. The combination of many names around a central idea will increase the value of all holdings within each niche, something that makes the above results not reflective of even bigger potential when valuation is based on a platform versus eyeball play.

Automotive Portal -
Finance Portal -
Religion Portal -
Games Portal -
Home Portal -
Food Portal -
Travel Portal -
Internet Portal -
Services Portal -
Entertainment Portal -
Shopping Portal -

According to Mike, "This does not count 500K names when we sold"

Total Domains Purchased Since Inception 258,279

Avg. Sale Price $1,178.68

Total Number of Currently Priced Names Available for Sale 103,434

Average Appraisal of Currently Priced Domains $2,800.35

From our 2008 three-part interview with Mike Mann (originally broadcast on my membership site, a lesson to those trying to take domains today like simply because they were too late to the party....

We asked Mike: "One of your first sales was $25,000 for a domain you had paid about $50 a year for. I think anybody listening would say, "Hey that's a great entree into a market in helping someone garner an appreciation for a budding industry." Tell us a little bit about that success and how it affected you.

Mike: "I owned an Internet service provider and web developer called Internet Interstate. Then it became part of Verio. Back then, I owned the means to build websites as mostly an attempt to entice customers. For example I bought I was hoping some of the national restaurant associations would become my clients. I said, "Hey, I have this great name for a website and a great idea for an application, etc." But a bunch of the names that I bought and registered, those companies that I was soliciting had no interest in building a meaningful website. They didn't understand the brands, the domains, etc. The ones we did not build sites out of I ended up continuing to own, and at some point somebody offered me $25,000 for There had been a very rudimentary site. I thought, "Man, this is the best thing. $50 a year for the registration and I just sold this thing for $25,000." At that point I just wanted to figure out how I could get lots and lots of these names and try to sell them for as much as possible. Ever since that light bulb went off in my head many years ago I still have that same idea. I still want to buy low and sell high."

Later adds Mike about reflecting on UDRP's today on names that you couldn't give away then, "There are always annoying lawyers and people all over the place, so one out of every couple thousand domains gets challenged. Almost every time it's a joke and a scam from my perspective, because in no case were any of those domains really somebody else's property. They were names that were just totally broad, generic names that somebody believed they had some God-given right to for some reason. Every once in awhile the UDRP panels, which are terribly incompetent overall, give away our domains but it's extraordinarily rare, one out of many thousand domains."

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