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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Update: Domain Name Sales Adds Almost $300K In The Last Hour of the Close April Selling Month

Update 6:30 PM EST May 1- with just 40 minutes left in the April sales month-end close last night, Frank Schilling rang up another near a third of a million dollars in the sales from his personal portfolio of,, and Congratulations! Full accounting with many surprises in DNJournal tomorrow.

Photo: (Vern in center) The bells are ringing all over Grand Cayman and aboard Aereos One. April closes as another blockbuster month in the young but stellar success story of domain brokering disruptive upstart that's just murdering it all over the planet from north to south poles: Domain Name Sales.

Here are some key sales made in April  20-50K  (Mike Berkens Worldwide Media seller)

BabyStickers $3-5K (FS)  $20-50K (FS)     $5-10k  (FS)          $5-10k (FS) $50-100K (FS)
BridgeBox $5-10K  (Donna Schaffer seller) $20-50K (FS) (Donna 5-10K)  $5-10k (FS)  (Donna $5-10K) (Donna 5-10K) (Donna 5-10K) $10K (FS) $3-5K (FS) $5-10K (FS) $10-20K (FS) 20K (FS)  $10-20K (FS)  $10-20K (Kauffman) >$3K (FS) $100-150K $5-10K (FS) $5-10K (FS) (Donna ($3-5K) $5-10K (FS)  $10-20K (FS) $10-20K (FS) (Under $3K Sai Pola, Seller)      $5-10k  (FS) $10-20K (FS) >$3K (FS) $5-10K (FS)  $3-5K (FS)  (SK >$3K)  $5-10K (FS) $20-50K (Borck) $20-50K (FS)  (Dicker) $5-10K (FS)  $10-20K (FS)

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