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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Like a great 10-year aged Scotch, lest we forget the value of aged advice from the smartest domainers alive!

"Like a great 10-year  aged Scotch, lest we forget the value of aged advice from the smartest domainers alive!"

Here's a ten-year old exchanged between two domain superstars on a once elite forum. It may remind you how you must be constantly re-examining your domain strategy because I see so many folks still stck in this ten-year ago place.

Let's not limit ourselves to banner ads. There are many ways to skin the ad cat. Successful advertising is all about creativity and making sure the advertiser's ads work and they make money and you money as the publisher. 

When you work directly with advertisers you can build creative long term relationships together and go beyond the traditional ways. You can create full page ads which are served as sections or subdomains on your site for them. You can offer placement of downloadable advertising PDF files describing their company's full product line. You can create online media rich commercials to play on your site and connect interested prospects instantly to a live sales agent at the advertisers sales center. You can do contests. Freebie offers. There are hundreds of ways to advertise creatively. You can do combo deals where they get banner ads, multimedia ads, and newsletter ads. 

This is why its so important to get to the position where you have control and where you and the advertiser connect directly. When an ad doesn't pull right away for example, because your sales reps have a relationship they can go back in and close another deal offering another ad at discount or a new type of ad to try. The point is the most money is made when you and your advertising know each other. You build trust and integrity this way. They see you working to create ways to make their ads stand out by doing things differently and they'll love stuff like that. Advertising becomes exciting this way. Its no longer work, it's a fun challenge and competition to get advertisers and then to create ad campaigns that zing in the sales for them.

PC marketing really changed the way webmasters and online businesses advertised their products and services. Doesn't anyone remember back around 1998-2000 when banners and buttons were the big thing?

I worked as an account manager for a big travel site called Travelfile which primarily on AOL's network. We sold clients pages under specific categories that would highlight their business, but a big thing was banners and buttons. 

Those ads were sold exactly as Kevin describes - which was familiar to anyone who bought advertising for offline media. While we did have reporting on results like "impressions," there were no guarantees you would get anything. The only difference is we did do the banner creatives for clients that didn't have their own.

The problem came that once the client saw the number of "impressions" (or they would sometimes track results with their own stats/sales), they would complain that they didn't want to pay for only "impressions" because just getting eyeballs didn't justify the cost. 

So at that time, there was a kind of backlash overall on the Web against banner advertising as a result of clients being able to track "click throughs" to their site and perhaps even sales connected to the banner ad. What evolved was "PPC" and paying only for clicks. 

Who can argue with "clicks" - it's not just a call to action; it's a resulting action - except to say the PPC Service is providing bogus stats or pointing out issues with "click fraud." Not a term we heard back in 1999. 

I think we are seeing things moving full circle, as many things do in life. When the web was new, it was the new wild west, and the playing field was flat and open to anyone, big or little. 

As the Web has matured, and it's been over a decade (or 70+ years in Doggie years - what are web years? Ummm, I always envision 1 web year = to 3 years offline, no reason why). 

So we now have big players who figured out how to make money beyond what anyone thought 10+ years ago. And they _don't_ want to deal with a bunch of little guys. I know this after working in SEO for since 2000, and the difference in what it took back then and what it takes now to be a little guy competing out there. BUT the fact is that right now PPC's bread and butter is the small-medium businesses. 

Will we see a mindset change to monetizing every eyeball, it may happen and it won't be in the context of just the internet - it will be a change once we have a true mobile web - where every user is tracked 24/7 (no vague clicks from an IP adress either). 

Your thoughts?


Some "Frank" Talk on Armageddon and Squirreling Away Nuts For A Long Winter in a Fragile World

"I am on record as saying the big puke is coming. The 3 months before the election and the 3 months after the election would be some of the most volatile months we have ever seen in our lifetimes. We are in that gravitational pull right now. Just look at a world on fire." ~~Rick Schwartz

"The perfect storm of climate change, peak oil, and financial insolvency across ALL governments will bring WW3 (Nuclear this time and be prepared to be drafted). Now with the military in training for a Zombie Apocalypse (for real) and Homeland Security stockpiling One BILLION Bullets, 200 million ready to eat meals, and  readying FEMA camps... it's time to start paying attention." 

A world on FIRE. Coming to a city near you? Never say never.

Frank Schillings recent state-of-the-union emailed to VIPs talked of revolution with a  double meaning.

First was the revolution in domain name selling Frank will be introducing to T.R.A.F.F.I.C attendees next week. We told you about it first HERE on August 18th, then HERE and HERE, so most VIPs were not surprised.

In Frank's revolution the key is your ability to have great names on hand to sell because they will become assets worth something whereas Kensyian assets will fall from the sky.

Frank, Rick Schwartz and I have been alluding top this for some time. And many top domainers in the know who follow and ZeroHedge know very well too.

Now with the military in training for a Zombie Apocalypse (for real) and Homeland Security stockpiling One BILLION Bullets, 200 million ready to eat meals, and  readying FEMA camps... Hackers are getting to grids making more truth than fiction to ABC's Last Resort  and NBC's Revolution...  it's time to start paying attention.

Said Frank, "Each day this week seemed to bring new negative economic indicators. European car sales, Baltic shipping index, durable goods orders, Chinese stock market, all down hard. Consumers everywhere are cautious. One in 10 cars in the parking lot of your mall are powered by government programs like food stamps and welfare. It’s an election year and stimulative tools are being brought to bear, designed to goose the economy and get people to vote the incumbent way. This game gets played by both sides during every election cycle, but total US debts have gotten so high since 9/11 that foreign creditors are getting scared and have stopped buying the majority of US debt. As I write these words, structural deficit spending is being paid for by the printing press. That is why stocks haven’t cratered and gold is up. Tiered inflation. All the things I want are the same price (rather than falling), but the things I “need” are going wayyyy up."

"Where does that leave you? You my friends should be saving most of what you make in case there is a sudden shock to the system. You should be holding some valuables, bullion, cash, goods and real things. I don’t want anybody to freak out but open your eyes to the reality of the World outside your office. I hope for the best and harvest revenue via name-sales now, but I plan for the worst in case things go poorly in the broader economy. In a social democracy, the government will always try to paper over everything by inflating its debts away - no matter the consequence to savers. Buy physical things like distressed commercial real estate and good (high quality) domain names at distressed prices can save you. Buy and hold “deals” and stay liquid in cash to wait for deals. There will be plenty of time for ballin’ later. It’s counter intuitive but during moments of fiscal calamity, cash is truly king, even as its master is debasing the hell out of it with a printing-press."
Rick Schwartz was more blunt, "I am on record as saying the big puke is coming. The 3 months before the election and the 3 months after the election would be some of the most volatile months we have ever seen in our lifetimes. We are in that gravitational pull right now. Just look at a world on fire."

We have written about this before and suggest you catch up on some of what  may have been easily dismissed as lunatic conspiracy theory stuff before you look at5 the headlines below them from the REAL news a year later and every prediction happening all around us:

The sheer volume of rain – sometimes up to 20mm in a single hour – has overwhelmed aging sewage and drainage systems resulting in unprecedented levels of flooding in communities previously considered immune. With the number of properties at risk of flooding expected to quadruple in the next 20 years, according to the Committee on Climate Change, experts warned this week that no home is now without risk."
Waiter, There's Arsenic In My Rice
Families face sharp rise in winter energy bills  
As sea ice shrinks to record lows, Prof Peter Wadhams warns a 'global disaster' is now unfolding in northern latitudes (i.e Florida, NYC and California GONE!)

Mission Accomplished or military build up to enter another country: Soldiers RETURN to Iraq

And this is just from the last few days. Everywhere you look around, there is danger brewing. Some like mother nature beyond our reach, other like war and debt and a cal on the country's credit car the fault of morons we vote for because while we never heard about anything I cited above, we can all name a Kardashian and the status of Robert Pattinson's relationship. It"s OUR FAULT!

If I haven't depressed you enough just yet, the warnings now from former elected officials, robert gates and fed chairman seem to say whomever gets elected Congress has neglected the debt ceiling to the point where the spigot is turned off and bills won't be paid- very scary stuff. But we should keep ourselves informed: (especially the first two)

The last two Frank "state-of-the-worlds" kept coming back to squirreling away revenues and that this is the time to act like a squirrel. Coming from the owner of, which qualifies him as the defacto world's leading expert on all things squirrel, I better listen.

But more interesting is an article Ken Hansen referred me to from Fortune "What Google knows about your eating habits"

The takeaway: Behind these more sophisticated advertisers are savvier searchers. Consumers have become smarter and more specific about their online queries, resulting in a growing regional divergence of search terms. (Google says that 15% of the searches it sees every day it has never seen before.)

I blame it on iPhone- this has gotten executives to use the net first hand, making them too smart not to blatantly accept the filtered poop their lieutenants have been feeding them for the past 10 years.

That's when the patio furniture chain owner goes to look up the category and finds himself missing and sees competitors using creative names- then it sinks in- his name is a liability. Or when he starts to tweet and realizes with only 142 characters his long domain will convert to numbers and letters losing the branding exposure possible in each tweet. Or when they go to put their logo on their Facebook page as a profile and have to shrink it to legalese print size.

It is for these reasons, domains are being discovered for the first time and to spite the economy, prices will continue to soar.

What we saw so clearly 30 years ago is hard to believe that it's taken this long for others to see it for the first time. s Rick Schwartz says. With domains, patience is a virtue and a domainers best friend. And then things will get better.

Schilling is also optimistic: "Hope for better days springs eternal though. The human spirit can’t be kept down. Tomorrow will (eventually) bring brighter days. I believe that. That hope for the future, the entrepreneurial spark and dreams of better days are reflected in the demand for domain names. Entrepreneurs need names for their businesses and ideas. The importance of “fictitious names” in your local newspaper classifieds has been eclipsed by the domain name. Most folks understand and accept that the good names are long gone, and you have to pay to buy a better name from its owner."

Frank Schilling previous update as usual was a brilliant piece, written in a way only Frank can..Gold will be $3,500 – $6,000 an ounce in a few years – either that or it will stay at $2,000 and the DOW will fall to 5,000. Here's what he wrote:

"You can diarize that remark as you did my last.' 
Gold of course is just another human behavior which men fight at their peril. Just a shiny metal without an intrinsic use… just like the tide of back to school, back to work mindset… and just like the rush for .com names which work just as well as .nets .info’s and .whateveryouwant. 
To return things to a domain context, no amount of new TLD’s are going to diminish the value of the human behavior gold standard will not knock 20k in value off It will increase the value of and set a permanent floor to its value. 
Mark those words as you did my gold remarks in 2004, fight them at your peril.
Millions will be made and lost in the New TLD casino, on both sides of the table.
We are creating a machine to enrich strangers, with a nebulous and unknown outcome for the participant. 
Most at the table agree it’s better to have tried and lost than to never have tried at all. 
I am not 100% sure I have the right answer for you, but it could be that the biggest winners at the new TLD table are those who buy the best SLD’s in each space.
One recurring theme of all namespaces is that a TLD is only as good as the bestSLD’s in it."
So the takeaway for you all is to sell more of everything NOW and save it, then have that cushion so you can buy some courage to change partners or try unorthodox methods if you need to next March.


This IS What Happens When Your Kid Shares Their Drunken Brawl and Mugshot on Facebook

We need a few more people in Congress who can count and less who divide." ~~Patrick Murphy

It's too late for Daddy, but kids out there never consider that they may run for public office someday and therefore not understand the consequences of those drunken frat photos they paste on Facebook. Tell your kids: THINK before you post. Politics is sure getting dirty out there.

I'm sure Patrick simply went off because another guy kissed his gal. It happens to all of us. Below is Patrick's response... also gleamed via the Internet.

The Washington Post notes that Murphy’s campaign advisor Eric Johnson told Roll Call that West better be careful about bringing up old past events.

In 2003, West “was criminally charged by the military with assault and for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and was subsequently kicked out of the military,” Johnson was quoted as saying. “And he’s attacking Patrick Murphy for drinking as a teenager, which I think is a silly attack.”

West was charged for discharging his service revolver next to the head of an Iraqi whom he was trying to interrogate. The military decided against court-martialing West; he was fined for using improper interrogation tactics and retired soon after, the Post reported.

West’s campaign’s response to Murphy’s campaign response: “If Patrick Murphy wants to attack Allen West for defending the lives of his soldiers, bring it on. ”

Meanwhile those that really get rich off campaigns are media companies, ad guys and lawyers.

Here's Partick's ad:


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Late night Sales From Frank Schilling as DNS Steers Towards RECORD September Close and IOSDNS Revolution Launch @T.R.A.F.F.I.C

A year ago they were just parked pages and same for the last decade and look at them NOW!
40% of all monthly sales are made in the last twop days as brkers race to close outstanding offers and best previous monthly sales records. 

It looks lioke xseptemeber will be no exception at Domain Name Sales where a strong close prior to their launch of IOsDNS will take stop T.R.A.F.F.I.C in just ten days.

Last night, writing a private email to 280 of the very top DNS partners Frank shared, "Ive been buying and transferring names is a difficult process for even the most technically savvy individuals. In spite of that difficulty and a bad broader economy, name- sales have been everyone’s bright spot. Not all the names each of us owns will ultimately be sold. I bought some .com names that I expect to hand down to my children, but I have others that won’t sell at any price. In the end, most of my names will be sold or developed by somebody who has a greater vision for them than I do.

I was quite resistive to name sales for a long time. We each have ideas about domain names and each of us sees our business in a different light. I used to be the “stadium philosopher”: “I can fill 15 stadiums a day with my audience! I’m in the media business!!” The problem is many of the people who come to my stadiums (and yours) are not there for a tractor pull. It’s more like a freeway with people whizzing every which way looking for different things. That’s how I got into the PPC biz. Only it turns out that many folks driving down my freeway don’t want to click on my ads, no matter how good or targeted they are. They just want to buy the name they pulled onto the on-ramp for. I’ve seen many of my

colleagues go on conceptual bird-walks: ”I could start a church or a new religion with my audience!”, “2 percent of my visitors are looking to gamble and everyone who visits will want porn at some point!”, or “I could sell Tshirts, whoopee cushions and Snuggies!” I’ve heard it all folks. I’ve been that guy. The best way to make real money “now” with your audience regardless how small or large you are, is via PPC ads and selective sales of “some” of your domain names.

I never know which names will sell, so I list them all for sale (at some price suitable to me) and wait to see what the river brings.

I think I’ve found the Gold folks. Something to bring you real value.. No fluff here. Something material and revolutionary. You will ultimately be the ones to tell me if that’s so. During the past 9 months, DNS has taken the first and perhaps the most important step of improving the experience for buyers, of explaining value. For the sellers we have created a process to speed up negotiation and provide greater speed and certainty around negotiation.

I’m very proud of the platform that results from our effort. We think that you will find this software revolutionary to your business – so much so that we’ve patented many elements of it. It will be free to use and open to everyone.

During this project we have revamped the inside of our ITC/DNS management interface to make it more simple and enjoyable to use and improved everything that folks liked. Even our existing partners have never had these tools, permissions or powers. Newcomers will be blown into next week when they see it. We’ve built a very elaborate, but easy-to-use application for which you will need to purchase an iPhone .. (any iPhone, 4 or 5). 

We’ve coupled these two pieces with a sophisticated in-house management platform to change the way you think about your domain business. The three elements, Management interface—App—CRM System work together like a piston engine. I plan to announce these changes at TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale. I have no particular reason for choosing TRAFFIC as the venue to launch this product other than the dates align with our readiness and I’ll be there as an attendee. 

I understand many of you won’t be able to make it to TRAFFIC and that’s ok. You will not be at a disadvantage for not attending. 

I am not hosting a function at the show this year due to the lower attendance numbers of our clients and frankly, we’ve been to busy finalizing this product to plan something."

And now Late night sales from Frank Schilling as DNS steers towards RECORD September close:  (Schaffer)  (Schaffer) 20-50K $20-50K ($3-5K) $10-20K  (Schaffer) ($5-10K) (10-20K)

Which brings September first 22 days sales to: $20-50K $3-5K $3-5k $10-20K $5-10k $10-20 ($3-5K FS) $30K (Schaffer) for $35k  (Schaffer)  (Schaffer) $10-20K $20-50K $10-20K $30K $5-10k (Schaffer) (Schaffer) $25K ($5-10K FS)  $3-5K $5-10k USD $15K 20-50K $20-50K for $5K $20-50K ($3-5K) ($5-10K FS) $3-5k $5-10k USD $10-20k USD $10-20K  (Schaffer)  $5-10 ($5-10K) ($3-5K FS)k $10-20k $5-10K $20-50K     $5-10k USD $10-20K  $20-50K (10-20K) $22K ($5K Schaffer) $3-5k (Schaffer) $10-20K $5-10k $10-20K  (Chad Wright) $10-20k $50,000

From Accidental Domainer example Truncates to

Add these sales to the list we've been growing over the last 12 months that show why these domains command the prices they do by exemplifying who buys them and how they are used. As we point out "shortening or "truncation" is a key motivator Estibot just can't factor. This has been consistenlty confirmed by Accidental Domainer who has been analyzing depth beneath DNJournal headlines HERE

Sales from October 1, 2011- September 23, 2012 $20-50k $20-50K under $3k N/A ($7.5K) - 1500 under $3k - 2011-12-16 $0-3k $10-20K $3-5K under 3K           $10-20k - 2011-12-05 $0-3k ($30K) $3-5k  $5019K ($3-5K FS) $10-20K
BabyStickers $3-5K (FS) under $3k - 2011-12-30 $5-10k under $3k $5-10k  $20-50K (FS) under $3k under $3k USD     $5-10k $30K - 2011-12-14 $0-3k - 2011-12-28 $0-3k - 2011-12-30 $20-50k - 1500 N/A $10-20k – 15k  $33K (to Blackheart Clothing Company in CA) $5-10k
Why would someone pay $10K for an Estibot $0? Only
way to know is to click on these sites and see what's
been build on them. It's all about 1:1 value, you can't
learn that in forums or from blog bloviators          $5-10k (FS) $50-100K (FS) – 7.5k $5-10k 12 N/A $10-20k
BridgeBox $5-10K  (Donna Schaffer seller) (Schaffer) under $3K (Donna Schaffer seller) $20-50K (FS) $5-10K $3-5k USD $5-10k - 2011-12-12 $0-3k (bought by .Net owner) $5-10k (Trincate - 2011-12-23 $0-3k - 2011-12-08 $0-3k ($35K) for $35k $185K            $3-5k  $20-50K  (Schaffer)  $10-20K $20-50K $10-20K   $10-20k - 2011-12-13 $0-3k $25K to under $ N/A - 2011-12-06 $0-3k (Donna 5-10K) $5-10k  $5-10k (FS)         $3-5k
CoolFront $7500 - 2011-12-08 $20-50k $20-50k $5-10k - 2011-12-17 $5-10k - 2011-11-07 1500  (Donna $5-10K) $10-20k $20-50k      $20-50k $10-20k $50-100k (Schaffer)     $5-10k $20-50k (Donna 5-10K) under $3k $65K ($8K) $10-20k (Liberty Medical!)
DiamondEarings $5-10K $3-5K $10-20K (Schaffer) $5-10k - 2011-11-15 1500 $10K (FS) $7K $25K  $20-50k - 2011-11-15 1500 (Truncate WordP Blog)            $3-5k - 2011-12-07 $3-5k $3-5k USD $5-10 - $20-50k ($16K)  $5-10k under $3k USD   $5-10k $25K - 1500 - 2011-12-15 $0-3k

 N/A  $10-20k (Truncate: The Eye Bags)

 - $10-20k ($5-10K FS) $3-5k USD Feb 14, 12 DNS - 1500  $3-5K,  $5K - $20-50k         $20-50k $50-100k, $8K - 15K - 1500 $5-10k USD  $5-10k $20-50K - 2011-12-21 $0-3k $3-5k USD    $5-10k $10-20K - 2011-12-12 $10-20k - 2011-12-30 $3-5k  $10-20k - 2011-12-20 $20-50k $10-20k under $3k under $3k $5-10K (FS) $5-10k 10-20K

 under $3k - 2011-12-05 $0-3k $20-5  $10-20K (FS) - 2011-12-21 $0-3k $9,000
GoldFields ($65K) $20-50k to (  $10-20K (Kauffman)      $3-5k - 1500 – 1500 20-50K – 1500 $15K - 2011-12-06 $0-3k - 2011-12-05 $0-3k $10-20k - 2011-12-20 $0-3k ($3K) - 2011-12-22 $10-20k – 7.5 - 2011-12-22 $5-10k N/A $3-5k $5K ($5-10K FS) $5-10k $100-150K for $5K - 2011-12-02 $0-3k – 1500 $20-50K ($3-5K) under $3k    $10-20k under $3k $5-10k - 2011-11-28 7.5 $20-50k  (IDN)      $20-50k - 2011-11-24 $1500 $20-50k $20-50k  $20-50k $10-20k $3-5k $5-10k USD $10-20k USD - 2011-11-07 $7.5 - 2011-11-17 $1500 $20-50K  $5-10k $13K to ($15K) 10-20 $5-10K (FS) $5-10K - 2011-12-30 $50-100k $4K (xgile national park- Chile)           $5-10k $10-20K     $3-5k - 2011-12-07 $3-5k (Donna ($3-5K) (Truncation - 2011-11-22 $50-100k $20-50k  (which we wrote about) - 2011-11-12 $7.5 - 2011-11-14 $1500  $100K plus $50-100K (NDA) - 2011-11-17 $1500 $20-50k USD under $3k - 2011-12-19 $0-3k N/A - 2011-11-18 $20-50k $28K (redirect Abbott)
 - 2011-11-17 $1500  $5-10 $5-10K (FS) ($5-10K) - 2011-12-19 $0-3k under $3k - 2011-11-16 $01500 $20-50k $10-20K - 2011-11-28 $4           $10-20K - 2011-12-28 $10-20 $10-20K (FS) $5-10k $10-20K $10-20K (formerly (Under $3K Sai Pola)          $20-50k      $5-10k  (FS) under $3k USD - 2011-11-22 $4 $5-10k (truncation for - 2011-12-26 $0-3k under $3k $10-20k under $3k under $3k $20-50k  $5019K - 2011-11-24 $0-3k        $3-5k $10-20k ($15K) - $5-10k ($3-5K FS)k $10-20k $5-10K $20-50K under $3k $10-20k - 2011-11-14 $20-50k - 2011-12-16 $3-5k (Bargain for an open MRI brand- ever had one, seen the bill?) $3-5k ad agency formerly $10-20K (FS) $20-50k
Pacmanworld - 2011-11-22 $0-3k under $3k $50-100K - 2011-11-11 $10-20k $5-10k under $3k $10-20K     under $3k - $5-10k $100-150k $3K (FS - 2011-12-21 $10-20k $20-50k - 2011-12-21 $5-10k $5-10K (FS)          $10-20k N/A $5-10k $50-100K (forwards to $8K $50-100k USD     $5-10k USD $5-10k - $10-20k $10-20K          $10-20k Kimberly-Clark
 - 2011-11-17 $0-3k $20-50k $10-20k under $3k $10-20k N/A Feb 9, 12 DNS  $10-20k - 2011-11-30 $0-3k $50-100 - 2011-11-29 $0-3k - 2011-11-11 $50-100k $20-50k - 2011-11-25 $5-10k - 2011-11-01 $0-3k - 2011-11-08 $0-3k $10-20k $80K (Alan Hack) - 2011-11-30 $0-3k  $20-50K    $5-10k  $3-5K - 2011-12-29 $10-20k $10-20K $22K $3-5k (Schaffer) $10-20K $5-10k $10-20K  (Chad Wright) - 2011-11-08 $0-3k ($5K Schaffer) - $20-50k - 2011-11-18 $10-20k $8,000 under $3k $3-5k  ($3K) $3-5K - 2011-11-03 $0-3k $8K           $10-20k $5-10K N/A (Cosmetics) $5-10K - $50-100k $10K - 2011-11-15 $0-3k under $3k        $5-10k $50-100K     under $3k - 2011-11-07 $0-3k - 2011-11-11 $0-3k $20-50k $5-10k - 2011-11-07 $0-3k under $3k $5-10K ($16K)  $5-10k - 2011-11-29 $0-3k    $5-10k N/A (10-20K) - 2011-11-15 $0-3k  $20-50K - 2011-12-07 $0-3k N/A Feb 1, 12 DNS $20-50k - 2011-11-23 $10-20k - 2011-11-15 $5-10k $10-20K (Globalize/Truncate - 2011-11-29 $20-50k $5-10K      $5-10k - 2011-12-09 $0-3k    $5-10k $10-20K $50-100K under $3k  $5-10K (FS) $68K (Truncate: The Torc Tool Company) N/A $20-50K (Borck) $6K $10-20k N/A Tax refund Accountant - 2011-11-14 $0-3k   $5-10k $20-50K (FS) $10-20K - 2011-11-17 $0-3k $20K $5-10K N/A - 2011-11-02 $20-50k - 2011-12-01 $50-100k under $3k - 2011-12-01 $20-50k ($5K) - 2011-11-18 $10-20k $3-5k - 2011-11-17 $0-3k $10-20k $50,000 $5-10k - 2011-12-14 $0-3k $10-20k (truncate to NL) (Hybrid car)$10-20k $10-20k USD - $50-100k N/A $10-20k N/A $50-100k - $20-50k $5-10k - 2011-11-07 $3-5k  (Dicker) - 2011-11-09 $0-3k - 2011-12-15 $10-20k $5-10K (FS) $100-150K   $10-20k      $10-20k N/A  $10-20K (FS) (Chinese IDN) $10-20k


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