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Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Best ROI Known To Man: Cloud Stock Index (.com)

IDC's updated IT Cloud Services Forecast predicts that public cloud computing will make up $17.4 billion worth of IT purchases and be a $44 billion market by 2013. 

Forbes: Cloud computing giant's $2B spending spree on acquisitions, branding, marketing happening RIGHT now

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As guy that played a key hands on role in the early stages of branding cloud technologies I was well informed to deliver you the benefit of Cloud forecasting. 

In our blog post of Februray 19th titled "Cloud Stocks Doubled in 2011 and Will Double Still in 2012- Got Your Share?"... we suggested, "This evening, an index and links to forecasts and analysis to help you understand and seize this likely to be last opportunity in your lifetime to catch a wave as big as Cloud."

Then a month later we posted (and in red update the numbers as of today):


Rackspace Hosting Inc. RAX (NYSE) $58  $65.83 (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 59.43 (03/27/2012)    52 Wk Low: 30.34 (10/04/2011) Inc. CRM (NYSE) $154  $159.43 (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 160.12 (07/19/2011)    52 Wk Low: 94.09 (12/21/2011) 

VMware Inc. VMW (NYSE) $112-   $102.27 (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 113.76 (03/30/2012)    52 Wk Low: 74.69 (12/21/2011) 

Citrix Systems Inc. CTXS (NASDAQ) $79   $81.74  (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 88.49 (06/01/2011)    52 Wk Low: 50.21 (08/19/2011)

International Business Machines Corp. IBM (NYSE) $ 208.94  $206.81  (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 209.12 (03/30/2012)    52 Wk Low: 157.13 (08/19/2011) 

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Cl B BRK.B (NYSE) $81 w/ $10 billion in IBM  $88.70 (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 83.98 (04/04/2011)    52 Wk Low: 65.35 (09/22/2011)

EMC Corp. EMC (NYSE) $29  $27.86 (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 30.00 (03/28/2012)    52 Wk Low: 19.84 (08/18/2011)

Apple Inc. AAPL (NASDAQ) $601  $691.80 (1/14/12)
52 Wk High: 621.45 (03/28/2012)    52 Wk Low: 310.50 (06/20/2011)

Pretty simple math- a million in this gets you two

A million in domain names or $5 million launching a new extension?????

There is money to be made online.... but it's in the technology not the advertising or search.

==>So If You Acquired These Domains, who would be in your index and advertise on you pages:
According to Ray Depena whose two guest posts here are among the mst read, "Ok, so it’s a few more than 300. What can I tell you? The segment is growing by leaps and bounds. 
Large enterprise IT companies continue their rapid restructuring to an on-demand cloud compute model enhancing their portfolios with Cloud acquisitions. Here is a snapshot of 2012 acquisitions and the most recent changes.
But the best product to advertise are your own DOMAIN names!
Every day, among other work, I write a very popular blog that addresses branding, domain names., mobile apps, emerging trends and how this all fits together.
Right now there's the biggest sea change in IT since the PC. The Cloud changes everything and the need for new names is urgent. What is the next Windows, Quicken, SAP etc? Throughout my career naming and launching these new applications, I have proven that the name can make all the difference in the world. My former employer Citrix has grabbed the best of them ( etc) and is shaking things up to. Go to their new site and see the competitive comparisons. Oracle, SAP, Lotus etc are dead meat. They convey the image of a bygone era when costs were high, management burden overwhelming and you never could keep pace or adapt to change. 
More than the name, these first movers have already locked in the customer base, as Apple has for the consumer play.
The place which is the hook to attract the decision makers in IT to get their own financial information, is where they'll discover the best6 name for the next new or acquired and merged APP.
==>As brand names, not all domain names are created equal. 
Your domain name is critical to the foundation of your business – affecting your business name, your home on the web, and your email address. Owning a domain that is short, easy to remember, and related directly to your business could be the best marketing investment you ever make.

A great name is like extra octane in a brand. A bad, boring, or sound-alike name won't necessarily kill a brands chances for success. In most cases however, it dramatically dilutes the brand equity and potency.

==>So, do you have a name that basically sucks?
If so, I send my sympathy.

==>Should you change it to or 
Yes. It will cost some bucks, but it's also a great opportunity to get a lot of great attention and renewed momentum. Weigh it out, look at the cost versus the benefit and remember that change can be scary, but a lame brand can be scarier! And keep this in mind: if the domain name is part of a specific marketing campaign, it doesn’t have to match your existing brand name — and you don’t have to rename a brand to make best use of it. You can use both strategically.

In fact, it works better than which brings visitors to your front door, but doesn’t lead them directly to the offer or product they came looking for. Instead, a campaign-specific URL (Web address or domain name) can steer visitors to a unique landing page or site that either features campaign-related videos or messages, or logos that link back to your company’s primary site. 

Especially following the model of (the SEO beuty of which there as it would be HERE, you will see by typing in "Apple Investor News" or "Google Investor News" to Google. That guy cornered the market but not these

Finally, the clearer you can be, the better.

==>Birthing a brand name
The task of developing that killer name has become quite complex. For years, business owners and management named their offspring. Then creative service firms and ad agencies jumped in, often with a sprinkling of college talent. Finally, the general public added their wisdom in naming contests. I'm sure all have produced their share of brilliant names as well as some very scary ones. Now this field of art, science, skill, and luck has gone professional. Naming brands is big business and can come with a big price tag. Hire a professional naming company and expect a bill of $10,000-$100,000 or more before the graphic execution or production. 

==>So what is a great name worth? 

The answer: A lot. If your brand is properly nourished, it grows and has a long shelf life or history -- do the math.


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