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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doztup, Oversee Dropping Domains Like Flies; Mike Mann Is There to Catch 'EM

The other day I wrote about advice Frank Schilling gave me that I was foolish not to act on.

My reason was that I had worked on the iPhone and all the Cloud, voice and 4G LTE technologies that would come with it over 20 years ago. I was trying to convince him to wait for that, proof of which is the domain-less success of the domainers daughter pictured to the left here.

I knew it was in the pipeline and on the day when America finally woke up and saw that, PPC-themed domains (bought on Overture scores) would give way to true brands (as my friend Shane eloquently stated) for a more believing audience than I had when I said the SAME thing here months earlier.

Finally heeding my ten-year advance warnings about the nearly total creative destruction of domains for anything other than brands, is being heard big time and the bigger portfolio holders are dropping domains like flies.

Mike Mann has a knack for being at the right place at the right time to pick them up before the hi the ground.  Here's his haul from yesterday:

Look for our cover story on Mike Mann's next week. Mind-blowing it shall be as this sleepy giant awakens before your eyes. Acquisition of the company is imminent and the final argument among the sharks will be flushed out at TRAFFIC. I am already on the list for the victory party.

Meanwhile please reread my arguments why iPhone is both a Google and Type-in killer. It's also a straitjacket that locks users into their walled garden and will lock merchants out who won't pay to play. Could destroy many domain sites in a way we'd wish people were using Google again.

Funny thing is people who don't want them, need them nor can afford them are lining up and asking for their jacket to be put on straight and tied tight around the waist.

Also the video revolution I've been forewarning about is slowly catching up. Both USA Today and Time have finally succumbed to digital along with AdAge itself. More will be real video field reporting and less scrolly print. People want to consume integrated site, sound and participate and most sites aren't able to do that. They can, however, on better brands such as the one Mike and Frank have been collecting for this next moment in time.

People found the 6PM TV News a great invention. Who wants to read a paper when you have real pictures and sound in a 30 minute capsule. In the beginning the web took us back a step. But now more content is consumed on YouTube than on TV.

Hollywood as the old guard is falling apart. Seth Godin was right

It's happening all around us, every day.

Now if we could only stop the melting of there Arctic sea ice. Was reported, "UK ice researcher "This is staggering. It's disturbing, scary that we have physically changed the face of the planet"

For those of us on the coast lines, we are on the most borrowed of time. So I have to wonder what the point of technology was other than to take our eyes off the real ball- reality.

Remember "The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased; and not impaired in value." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Kiss someone you love today and have a GREAT New Year to those celebrating.

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