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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Earth Champs (.com) Green Brand For Sale— Help Your Company Stand For Something Bigger: Champion The Cause of a Better Planet.

Earth Champs; The Worlds Finest "Green" Brand Name With Matching Domain Name
Now Available For Sale or Joint Venture

NEW: April 2019 Join EarthChamps On Instagram also available

A new study found that 72 percent of consumers think that business is failing to address adequately or not at all today´s environmental and social challenges. 

It also found that two-thirds of CEOs admitted that business is not doing enough to address sustainability issues.

Consumers clearly expect more from companies, from greater honesty and transparency to greater impact on global and local challenges and a more responsible stewardship of natural resources and the environment:

Combine these feelings with seeing now in a daily basis images across the globe and felt local impacts of severe weather like drought, fire and floods, proof that it’s time for someone to rally the interests of environmental leadership. EarthChamps is the perfect banner for that cause.

Combining social networking and traditional media, Earth Champs will provide the shared sense of common purpose that is totally absent from today’s social sites. 

As THE community for the environmentally conscious, Earth Champs will be where companies find their best customers, and consumers find companies that share their values.

Whether rebranding a recycling/upcycling program, smart car or an Earth advocacy program, Earth Champs will significantly improve your chances of being found, known and remembered in crowded 'green" marketplace.

==> A  better brand name is an asset  which could increase the value of your business!
A great name is like extra octane in a brand. Your domain name is critical to the foundation of your business – affecting your business name, your home on the web, and your email address. Owning a domain that is short, easy to remember, and related directly to your business could be the best marketing investment you ever make.

==> Should you change it to 
Consider sites through which other companies are already trying to promote environmental action include GE’s Ecoimagination,  GreenWala, Panasonic’s EcoIdeas and Foundation’s EarthForce

EarthChamps provides its eventual owner an advantage that all of these lack: A powerful name that in itself expresses the essential concept of what people who care for the Earth want to be, accomplish and belong to. Who can look at images of spoiled beaches and oil-soaked pelicans and not say “I want to help. I want to be an Earth Champ”?

Millions will be able to participate. But only one will be able to lead and claim this big, ownable idea as theirs.

Contact us today to schedule a presentation on how your organization can benefit by being the lead sponsor of Earth Champs.

I am very motivated to work out an mutually beneficial agreement after running the numbers demonstrating how would be a revenue-generator for you versus a cost.  Call 24/7 561-620-8708.

As a sponsor of (including its .org, .net and .us and singular variants), you’d use this prestigious web address, (and its optional collectible pin logo, corporate citizen web page badge and membership potential) as a platform on which to stand for something bigger. (see blog page sample HERE)

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