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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Most Important Stories In Domain News: The Type-In Killers Are Here

1. The Type-In Killers Are Here

On my buddy Sai Pola's, a story that echos what we've been saying about the current age of SIRI, direct navigation by APPS, unified browsers, spiff to platform owners, Apple TV and other factors that will carry the Internet's tradition of bringing total creative destruction to entire industries, right here to Domains as Direct Navigation. This is SERIOUS and SAI rings the last call warning bells for a change of course, corrective action.

In short the type-in KILLERS we've been warning you about are here. In the article Sai argues: 

"Tablet users spend nearly 20% more per transaction than PC users. Tablet users also accounted for roughly 20% of all e-commerce sales in 2011 in the United States, even though they make up a mere 9% of the total Internet population. 
These are important statistics, important because they indicate the future of the Internet: a future where tablets will account for nearly 36% of all PC sales. “Website development” is old hat; any development venture in the next decade will have to be comprehensive: apps for iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone, besides a regular website (ideally built on responsive design principles). The old domain development idea of building hundreds of mini-sites will fall flat in the next decade as tablets and smartphones leech traffic off desktops and people turn to apps rather than their browsers. 
and warns.... 
You can ignore smartphones and tablets only at your own peril. It is easy to dismiss this post as mere fearmongering,  but half a decade back, we did not even know that touchscreen phones could exist, and a mere two years earlier, there was no tablet market to speak of. The internet is going through a rapid churn with a host of devices and platforms muddying up the waters, but in half a decade when the dust settles, you will find that user attention will be equally divided across three platforms: smartphones, tablets, and desktops/laptops. To be doubly sure, desktops won’t die, but they will cease to be the primary device for media consumption online. As tablets and smartphones take up that mantle, it is important for domainers to realize this sea change and alter their development strategies accordingly."  Read full article here

2.  Is Godfather Mike Mann In Florida To Set A Guinness World Record with Domain Holdings?
Our own story about the possibility of Mike Mann being acquired by DomainHoldings repeating the strategy he set out to repeat mastered with his $80 million sell-out to Name Media years ago that launched this industry's house-owned aftermarket.  READ

3. Est $30 Million FYTD; Domain Name Sales Strong August Finish Fulfills Rick Schwartz 1998 Prophecy

On this 1998 page, Rich Schwartz confidently promised, "The cranes are out, the bulldozers are rolling, the trucks are lined up! New sites are opening every week!! The largest infrastructure on the Internet is being created right here. Watch for our sites as they pop up all over the Net!!"

And another of our own reports on Rick Schwartz's vision for domains that would take years to be embraced and built on, and a thousand sales and $30 million Frank Schilling has closed recently, that's when you link to the buyer and see why and how they used it and what drove a $0 Estibot value to a $40K sale.

You can spend all day checking out these examples and become much better at how you buy and sell your own inventories.It's not a post to put Frank and Rick on a pedestal. It's a post to give you meaningful data that you can personally benefit from.

Every investor will improve their ROI as they take heed to the lessons of Frank and Rick.   READ  also see Rick's own follow-up going deeper into the pages I exemplified

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 Thanks! & thnx all you share daily. Great stuff. I really appreciate your effort!
 Thanks & thnx for all you share on your ever expanding kingdom of social handles. Great stuff. I really appreciate your effort!
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