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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ultimate Steve Jobs Betrayal May Be Being Better At Brand Building and Story Telling: iPhone 5 Pre-Order Sells Out 20X Faster Than 4 And 4S- NADAQ AAPL Now $700!

"What this means to domainers is that millions of first time surfers will be coming online and mobile only kids becoming adult consumers who never will know the concept of direct navigation as it is known to the earliest adapters. Just as they never knew from a pay phone or fax."

As they say in Yiddish, Steve Jobs just has a better bubbameister than Google. 

As I've said this is the first of just 8 products coming in the next few weeks that will deliver THIS BLOW to everyone else. 

Most retailers better just sit out this Christmas because Apple will own it as exemplified by people without money finding it to buy something they don't even need or that doesn't really improve what they already carry in their pocket. 

It's all about the power of the bubbameister and the bubbyMASTER Steve Jobs.

But don't say you were blind sighted because yo

As Rick Schwartz always says it's not about selling but CLOSING sales.

According to TechCrunch:

"Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 went live at midnight and, true to form, they went like hotcakes. You may remember that it took 22 hours for the iPhone 4S and about 20 hours for the iPhone 4 to sell out of its pre-order, launch-day stock. 
The iPhone 5 took just about 60 minutes. Yep. One hour after pre-orders went live, adjusted shipping expectations from one to two weeks due to the overwhelming demand."

Check out some of our 1000 posts about Apple that document fully and every prediction turned right about this Apple's role in this unique moment in time and creative destruction to many. (scroll back to the beginning where this image originated as one of my first blog posts ever).
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