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Friday, October 19, 2012

Making The Most of Domain Name Sales App

As you can see from the screen shots below, since sending my landers to DNS, I've got a lot more activity then ever before. And a lot more insight about the buyer to make informed offers.

You can also see how with a single line of code, I can promote domains for sale on social media and send the prospect directly to the application.

On my sales pages (which simply redirect the domain to a dedicated sales lander hosted within this blog) I add the DNS banner and even substitute my own phone number with incentive to call. One of the benefits of having landing pages on your blog is that you get analytics of how was viewing that page over time. Corporate buyers will often send a proxy to do their bidding, but by connecting the digital dna dots, it's pretty easy to identify the size of the bankroll behind the curtain.

I havent closed any sales over the year I've been on DNS. I know that I was too greedy in a couple of cases when the broker told me they could close a sale for more than I had it listed for. Because I saw the entity behind the buyer was a $700 million telco with an android app that "makes documents talk" and my domain was, I thought there was a slam dunk and asked $30K. But I learned that they have many other choices on the short list, and we can only represent on price whereas in love sales I could have shown them better ways to make use of this name that added value not possible to see in a form bidding process. So you live and learn.

The key is progress. Before emails were just not getting through. My forms were unreliable, DNS works.

Another benefit of DNS is that f you have records of interested parties, when you auction a name you can invite them to bid.

To me the biggest benefit of association with DNS is that you can use their results as comps. Instead of typically asking someone to go to DNJournal and see what domains are selling for, I can send them HERE where they can see how domains are being applied to the advantage of real needs and applications and this cited to justify the investment in ways typical domain metrics don't.

Take for example the New York Times article "Has Google AdWords Stopped Working for Small Businesses?" It gives an example of a cabin rental firm that spent six-figures on Adwords and was getting tons of business but the rates kept raising and the value didn't. They turned to a content marketing strategy that yields better results organically. The generic domain is key to that strategy's success. So what's a domain name worth when it saves you $250K a year on Google ads?

How many companies realized it was a cost to use extra words or non dotCOM extensions, so paying for upgrade was seen as revenue. And what is the cost to a business of being lost rather than found.

DNS has made a shift in its marketing of domains from making a flipper case to a business case. There is so much success to be had once corporations see the value through their eyes.

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