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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Among Google's $200K/Day Keywords Drop/Caught by Frank Schilling are....

Frank Schilling (Center) beams knowing those
around him will dismiss .net so he can have them all
photo: Steven Kaziyev
Domain Names Sales is off to a firm start with November sales as reported below. 

With .nets selling to end users at nearly $20K, and Frank picking up dropped net's like and that the three big online educators are competing for to the tune of $200K a day on Google, as we've written about, one has to wonder what was Morgan thinking?

And based on past performance additional names caught this week by Frank (, and question everything one has been led to believe about .net. But keep thinking otherwise.After all a good hunter will throw you off the scent so they can bag the prize.    

Here are November sales to date: $2000  $5000 10-20K  $18,000 at $21,000. $20,000 $2,000. $20,000 $2200  $10-20K (Kauffman) 14,000 5-10K  $3200  $20K

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