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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Airline Pays $700K Simply For .com Of Their cctld= How Does An Appraisal Account For That?

Airline paid $770K to Marchex to step up to
"If you don't have a High Profile, Memorable, Easy to Spell and Communicate Web Address . . . you will find it more and more difficult to compete and make money on the Internet as this century progresses." ~~ ~ Rick Schwartz

That Rick Schwartz quote sure sums up the lesson of this new Marchex revelation. Jimmy Fallon, Alec Baldwin, Folks, we are in the BIG leagues now!

Before giving up and sending your names to auction or buy it now prices, be sure that you understand hidden opportunities as described below that are easy to spot with a little research.

Mike Berkens is all excited considering the new revalations about $24 million in previous unreported Marchex sales, seizing these new data points as significant as an archweolgical dig.

Says, Berkens, "Yesterday’s announcement of over 500 domain names sold by Marchex in 2008-2012, which were all previously unannounced, seemed like the perfect opportunity to show how accurate Estibot’s valuation is compared to actual sale prices and as you can see below the results are pretty convincing." And Mike did convince the last of the skeptics.

But for over a year now we have touting Frank Schilling's numbers and success as proof of failure of Estibot and opportunities to mine entirely new frontiers that have been largely overlooked by most ppc-minded domainers.

In our breakthrough piece about domains "Western Union, Georgia Pacific, CME and 100s More Usher "Domaining" Across The Rubicon," we argued "The 1% of the cream that rose to the top have now to do unto themselves what they give others the power to do: Rebrand. They are no longer domainers, they are brand builders. The #1 reason end users buy domains is to brand something new or fix a brand that's broken. Sale after sale for the highest return after return that we examined beneath the headlines on the DNS homepage ticker, prove the reason to buy is that simple.

Examples among the new Marchex sales that bare these truths: ($100K) as a TAGLINE and call-to-action to Chevron spots (compare to ad agency charge of min $1 million minimum to come up with a tagline for billion dollar energy company). I don't know how many hundreds of millions has been spent on Chevron's Human Energy campaign as its an advocacy ad that's become a mainstay of the political season. Given Sandy, don't underestimate how values in keyword domains "energy" have skyrocketed overnight. Put that in your Estibot pipe and smoke it!

Patience, time and circumstance say Rick Schwartz and here is a prime example. As in any business the only constant is change. You need to stay informed and tap into the pulse of popular culture to see how the value of your holdings evolve over time, (cheap at $120K) as a TAGLINE and call-to-action to Chase Ultimate rewards Credit Card spots spots (again ad agency charge $1 million minimum to think up such a line for a big bank). Chase is fighting Capital One with Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon ads- how would a bot consider this? What does the world "Ultimate"do to increase perception of their reward as greater then competitor's Capital One Rewards? Instant leadership in a crowded market. (Stolen for $50K I can hear the agency guys laughing about the $2 million markup THEY added) is a TAGLINE and call-to-action for billion dollar insurer Mass Mutual

Another ( a STEAL at $80K)  personifying Frank's own marketing value proposirtion "why build a brand if you can buy one" and that's how became the moniker of a huge gaming success with instant credibility and branding in an already crowded space. With over 15 million players worldwide, how can Estibot possibly factor that into the value?

These names headline huge advertising and media campaigns where money is of not consequence on investment but of every consequence on return.

And then there is the airline ($700) who needed to step up to .com and paid almost a million to do so, because not doing so would cause losses far greater. And the cruise line of the same name was lying in wait to take the opportunity to b=acquire it away forever. What is that worth and how does a bot appraisal consider that?

LeadRefs which recently shut, taught an important lesson that one of the best prospects for your .com may be the holder of the same keyword under a different country code. Or to eliminate hyphens. We've covered some of that:

1-800-GIFTCARD.COM TRUNCATES To the $4 million truncation-motivated purchase that sets the record for how much someone will pay to fix  broken brand. In this case they are multi-millionaires on day one the investment pays back. It's Christmas you know. Ads on TV and check your list off done.

TRUNCATION rules again as #1 reason to buy





Any questions?
The reason for big END USER spending on a domain is to brand something new or to fix a brand that's broken. Example of the ladder is when Horror Freaks Media acquired for a simple redirect to It's that simple. And most of the prospects for these sales continue to hide in plain sight- just Google variations on the names you already own.

Though this set a record for .net and LLL truncation, and is higher than the ASP of $5OK for most end-user truncation-motivated acquisitions (known to some as domain-shortening), it is not even close to the traction records being set by such a sales as:, pays over a million to truncate to

In promoting the value of truncation in domains, we've talked about something called the radio test. I've been taking that to the next level with something I call the SIRI test. Ask SIRI for TUMLBR and see what she says?

Could that be why they bellied up to the bar and went for Tumbler?

Why suddenly had to be rebranded

Or why Meet.ME was worth $450K to

Or driving another mid-five figure DNS November sale, East Rest is a luxury bedding product sold by direct response TV ads. The call-to-action had been They spent mid figures to upgrade

In order for the "truncation-based" sale of Aquajoy.Co.Uk to Aquajoy Water Gardens Ltd (previously and to Jordon Reduction Solutions! REAL people doing REAL business on Great Domains! now has an easier marketing job with (and if they ever don't want it, what a great Apple Cloud name!)

In other DNS sales news, TRUNCATION rules again as #1 reason to buy:  Congratulations to Sai Pola; nice to see YOUR name back in the spotlight with the sale of  to truncate; (again truncation for YourPostOffice.Co.UK); and many others recently sold via the DNS platform. 

Congratulations to Frank Schilling on the mid five-figure truncation-motivated sale of of Finlan

All business today is global and for software companies .com represents much more: There was another reason for to dotCOM is essential branding for Cloud Software. It's why,,, and others acquired by readers of this blog, create perception of Internet based- whereas names like SAP, Oracle and BMC are turn offs to companies associated with all the last generations hassle and expense and inflexibility of CRM Software.

This is about finding someone who has built a business on your keyword whether on an overseas extension or using a Wordpress or blogger site or maybe a simple Facebook alias.

Someone who launches an app under the keyword you hod without having the domain to back it up.

All of these companies are bleeding leads and opportunities. Just try to find an app you've heard about by word of mouth and you'll see. The reason to buy is the survival and thriving of that business.

Then there is the branding. All of the considerations above. Like buying the word Ultimate to dominate a category. As Frank Schilling puts it, Buying  Brand  rather than building one.

I look forward to exploring he Marchex data and updating this chart. (last update 2/12)

Generics in Use (Fidelity) (AstraZeneca) (Guthy-Renker) (Eli Lilly) (Alan Combs) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Schering-Plough) (Alcoa) (Novartis) (Winchester) (Discovery Comm.) (Trend Micro) (Intuit) (Pfizer) Bayer (GSK) ( (GE) (Avis Budget)
BabbyCenter (P&G) (Johnson and Johnson) (Medtronic) (Unilever) (Intuit) ( (Select Comfort) (Shell)
BESTBARGAINS.COM (CBS) (Bicycles by Rocky Mountain Cycles (Canada)) (GSK) (Eli Lilly) (PetsUnited, LLC.) ( (Clorox) (Barnes & Noble) (Warnaco- Calvin Klein) - (Bakery Resources, Inc.) - ACME Brick (Yahoo) (Buffets Inc. Restaurant chain)
BUILDER.COM (CBS) (CKE Restaurants) (J&J) ( (GE) (Harrah’s)
CATCHUP.COM (CBS) (P&G) - Armstrong - TXI (Merck) (CBS) (Amtrust) (Intel) (J&J) (P&G) (Citrix) Peet's coffee (Xerox) (CBS)
Constant (Constant Contact) (McGraw-Hill) (Whirlpool) (1 800 Contacts) (1800 Contacts) (Kraft) Kraft) (P&G) ( (United Business Media) (P&G) Sullivan - Shein - (Procter & Gamble) (P&G) Fixodent (GSK) - Corel Draw ( (GSK) (RR Donnelley & Sons) (Adobe) Dawn soap (Allied Waste (Xerox) (PetsUnited, LLC. ) (PetSmart) Petsmart (PetSmart) (CBS) Grizzly Industial (Lafarge) (Hallmark) (Mastercard) (Ragu) (MIS Quality Management) (Moodys) (Sylvan Learning) (Otis Elevator) (Otis Elevator) (CBS) (PetsUnited, LLC.) (Real Networks) (Citigroup) (McAfee) (PetsUnited, LLC. ) (Adobe) (Eli Lilly) (Mannington Mills) (FTD) (1800 Flowers) (MedImmune) - (Food Network) (Whirlpool) Kitchenaid ( (CBS) (Reader’s Digest) (Fidelity)
FUTURE.COM (CBS) (Hasbro) (AOL) - CloPlay Doors (Speedway SuperAmerica) Overstock (Novartis) (AstraZeneca) (J&J) (JCPenney) (Abbott Labs) (Microsoft) Gravy Master (Clorox) (Hallmark) - PortaJohn (Jet Blue) - (, LLC) (GSK) (GSK) (CBS) (J&J) ( A&E Television Networks) (History Channel) (Amtrust) WellsFargo (no site) (PetsUnited, LLC.) IAC (Bass Pro Shops) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Dryer’s) (Sara Lee) (Bayer) (BMS) (Abbott Labs) (Micrsoft)
iPad (Apple) (Apple) (Monster Worldwide, Inc.) (Microsoft) (CBS) - American Woodmark (CBS) (TLC Vision) TLC lasik (P&G) (Sokolove) - Scotts (Nunes Co.) NorthWesternMutual (Otis Elevator) (Sempra Energy) (Bank of America) (Bank Of America) (Orbitz) (Diageo) (Kraft) (Apple) (Nestlé) (AT&T) ( CNN Money, part of Cable News Network ) (Citigroup) ( American Honda Motor Co., Inc) (Unilever) (Fandango, formerly Disney) (Bayer) (Navteq) (Sun Microsystems) (CBS) (J&J) (Office Depot) (GSK) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Intel)
Pens.con ( National Pen Company) (PetSmart) (Mars) (PetSmart) (Purdue Pharma) - Scripps (Food Network) - Kraft (EarthLink) (USG) - (Kenilworth Steel) (CA) - ( (J&J) (Mastercard) – HP (Quest)
Quilted (Georgia Pacific) (Abbott Labs) (CBS) (CBS) ( (RR Donnelley & Sons) (GSK) (General Re) (Avis Budget) (Novartis) (GSK) (Oracle) (Fidelity) (Roche) - ( (Diageo) (Clorox) (Nunes Co.) (Oracle) (Unilever) (Office Depot) (Honda) (Diageo) (CBS) (CA) (Philips) (Sun Microsystems) (Sunglass Hut) (CBS) - USG (Novartis) - Amazon (Phillips-Van Heusen) (Brown Shoe Company) - (Sign making software produced by SA International (SAi)) - (StubHub, Inc.) (Western Union) (GSK) - (KN Karen Neuburger® brand) (Frito-Lay) Hill Manufacturing ( - (Bellview Corporation) (Unilever) - Knorr Foods (Unilever) - ( (Philips) (CBS) (Hammacher Schlemmer) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Citigroup) (Kia Motors) (McGraw-Hill) TacoBell (Citrix) (K-Swiss) - Jose Cuervo (J&J) (RR Donnelley & Sons) (SC Johnson) - (Wild Attire Inc) –( Proctor & Gamble) – (PortaJohn) (GSK) (P&G) - Bounty ( (Thomson) (U-Haul) (Whirlpool) (Orbitz) - (Trucks & Parts of Tampa) Firestone/Bridgestone - Teel Plastics - Discovery Channel - Cameron (CBS) (Siemens) (Calvin Klein) - (Amadeus) ( LP which is part of Sabre Holdings.) (Symantec) (Nunes Co.) (Disney) (F-Secure) Nature Made (NBTY) (CDW) (NBC) (Microsoft) ( (Roche) (NY Times) (J&J) (Merriam-Webster)

Here's what I found- Call-To-Action (slogan/advertising campaign vanity segmentation) Domains
Acumen Brands -
Adobe –,
Allstar Fitness -
Amazon –
American Express -
American Express -Let'
American Express –
American Taekwondo Association - (“World Martial Arts”) online.
AmeriClerkships Medical Society -
AstraZeneca -
AT&T –,
Atlas Insurance Inc -
Audi -
Bank of America –
Barnes and Noble –,
Bayer –,,,,
BC -
Boeing –
Bridgestone -
Bridgestone –
BT -
Buchanan Group -
Buick -
Burger King -
Burger King -
Burger King -
Burger King -
Burger King -
Burlington Coat Factory –
Busch Gardens
C&L Ward -
California Milk Advisory Board -
Calvin Klein –,
Campbell Soup Company –
Campbell's Soup - -
Carl’s Jr (CKE Restaurants) –
Carnation Instant Breakfast - and
Cessna -
Chattem - Icy Hot -
Chevron -
Church & Dwight - Arrid deodorant -
Cisco –
Citibank -
Citibank –,,
CityBreak –
Clorox -
CNN/Time Inc. -
CNN/Time Inc. –
Coca Cola -
Coca Cola -
CocaCola -
Coffee Mate/Nestle -
Comcast -
Comcast -
Conagra - SlimJim -
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Condé Nast –
Corel –
Country Buffet -
CPI Corp,(Sears and Wal-Mart Photo Licensee) -
Daimler AG –
Daimler Chrysler -
Daimler Chrysler -
DAngelo sandwich franchise -
Dasani -
Del Pharmaceuticals -
Dell –
Diageo –,,
Discovery Channel -
Discovery Channel -
Dish Network -
Dish Network -
Disney –,
Dominos Pizza -
Dominos Pizza -
Dunkin Donuts -
Dunkin Donuts -
Durex -
EducationDynamics -
Eli Lilly -
Elward Systems Corporation -
ESS Data Recovery –
Fandango –,
Federal Express -
Federal Express -
Fidelity –,
Field Fresh Foods, Inc. -
Folgers - -
Ford -
Ford -
Ford -
Ford -
Frito Lay -
G&J Holdings –
Gatorade -
General Cigar -
General Electric -
General Electric -
General Electric -
General Electric –
General Electric –
General Electric –
General Electric –
General Electric –
General Mills -
General Mills-
General Motors -
General Motors -
Georgia Pacific -
Georgia Power Company -
Glad -
GlaxoSmithKline -
Google –,
H&R Block -
Health Magazine/Time Inc. –
Heinz -
Hershey's -
Hilton Hotels -
History Channel –
Honda -
Honda –
Howard Stern -
HRS –,
Hyundai -
InDemand -
Intel –
Intuit –,
Jack in the Box -
Jack Links -
JC Penny -
JC Penny –
Jet Blue-
Johnson and Johnson -
Johnson and Johnson –
Johnson and Johnson –
Johnson and Johnson –
JP Morgan Chase –
K-Swiss –
Kellogg's -
Kimberly Clark - Kleenex -
Knk Business Software AG bought
Kohl's -
Kraft -
Kraft -
Kraft -
Kraft -
Kraft Foods –,
Land Rover -
Leading Renovations Inc -
Lexus - -
Lexus -
MacNeil Automotive -
Mars -
Mars -
Master Card -
Mazda -
Mentadent -
Merck -
Merck –
Microsof -
Microsof -,
Microsof -
Microsof -,
Microsof -,
Microsof -
Microsoft -
Microsoft –
Microsoft- WebTV
Mike's Hard -
Milk -
Milk -
Miller Beer - Thanks to
Miller Beer -
Mission Pharmacal - Citrical -
Monster –
Mother's Polish -
Mother's Polish -
Mutual of America -
National Association of Realtors -
Nestle -
Nestle -
Nestle -
Nestle -
Nestle -
Nestle –
Nexium -
Nintendo -
Nissan -
Nissan -
Norelco -
North Fork Commercial -
Novartis- ThinkWhat’
Novartis/Lamisil -
Office Depot -
Office Depot -
Office Depot -
Office Depot –
Oracle –
Oracle -
PacifiCare -
Paypal -
Pepsi -
Pepsi -
Pepsi -
Pfizer -
Pfizer -
Philips –,
Phillip Morris -
Phillips -
Pioneer -
Porta John –
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble - Prilosec -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter & Gamble -
Procter and Gamble -
Procter and Gamble -
Procter and Gamble -
Procter and Gamble –
Progressive Insurance -
Prudential -
Purina -
Qwest -
Rain Forest Tram, Ltd -,
Rain Fortest Tram Ltd-
Ralph Lauren –,
Raymond Jewelers-
Raymond Jewelers-
Rinnai -
Roche –
Sanofi-aventis - and
Sara Lee -
SC Johnson -
Scottish American Capital-
Sharp Aquos -
Siemens -
Slimquick -
Snickers -
SoBe -
Société Générale –
Sony -
Sony Pictures, The Fog movie -
Sony Pictures, The Grudge 2 movie -
Source Interlink -
Sprint -
Sprint -
Sprint -
State Farm Insurance -
State Farm Insurance -
State Farm Insurance –
Stouffer's/Nestle -
Stouffer's/Nestle -
Stouffer's/Nestle --
Strom -
Sun Microsystems –
Sun Microsystems –
SunSweet -
Sylvan Learning -
T-Mobile –
Taco Bell -
Taco Bell -
Takeda - Rozerem - and
Tanqueray -
Texas Instruments -
Tim Horton's -
Tmobile -
Tmobile -
Tokyo Gas Co.-
Toshiba -
Toshiba -
Toys-R-Us –
Travel Planners International _
Travel Planners International -
Travel Planners International -
Travel Planners International, Inc. -
Travelocity –
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever -
Unilever –
Unilever –,
Unilever –
US Air Force -
US Department of Defense -
US Smokeless Tobacco -
USA Network -
Verizon Broadband -
Warner Chilcott -
Weather Channel –
Wedding Channel –
Wells Fargo –
Wendys -
Wendys -
Wendys -
Wrigley -
Wrigley Orbit gum -
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals -
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals -
Xerox –

I am unsure of the status of these early P&G registrations as they were putting them up for auction at one time (help me if you know current status):

And the list of the oldest Domain Names registered
1March 15, 1985symbolics.comSymbolics
2April 24, 1985bbn.comBBN Technologies
3May 24, 1985think.comThinking Machines
4July 11, 1985mcc.comMicroelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
5September 30, 1985dec.comDigital Equipment Corporation
6November 7, 1985northrop.comNorthrop Corporation
7January 9, 1986xerox.comXerox
8January 17, 1986sri.comSRI International
9March 3, 1986hp.comHewlett-Packard
10March 5, 1986bellcore.comBell Communications Research
11March 19, 1986ibm.comInternational Business Machines
11March 19, 1986sun.comSun Microsystems
13March 25, 1986intel.comIntel
13March 25, 1986ti.comTexas Instruments
15April 25, 1986att.comAT&T
16May 8, 1986gmr.comGeneral Motors Research Laboratories
16May 8, 1986tek.comTektronix
18July 10, 1986fmc.comFMC Corporation
18July 10, 1986ub.comUngermann-Bass
20August 5, 1986bell-atl.comBell Atlantic
20August 5, 1986ge.comGeneral Electric
20August 5,
20August 5, 1986isc.comINTERACTIVE Systems Corporation
20August 5, 1986nsc.comNational Semiconductor
20August 5,
26September 2, 1986boeing.comBoeing
27September 18, 1986itcorp.comInterrupt Technology Corporation
28September 29, 1986siemens.comSiemens AG
29October 18, 1986pyramid.comPyramid Technology
30October 27, 1986alphadc.comAlpha Communications Development Corporation
30October 27, 1986bdm.comBDM Corporation
30October 27, 1986fluke.comFluke Corporation
30October 27, 1986inmet.comIntermetrics
30October 27, 1986kesmai.comKesmai
30October 27, 1986mentor.comMentor Graphics
30October 27, 1986nec.comNEC Corporation
30October 27, 1986ray.comRaytheon
30October 27, 1986rosemount.comRosemount Inc.
30October 27, 1986vortex.comVortex Technology
40November 5, 1986alcoa.comAlcoa
40November 5, 1986gte.comGeneral Telephone and Electronics
42November 17, 1986adobe.comAdobe Systems
42November 17, 1986amd.comAdvanced Micro Devices
42November 17, 1986das.comDA Systems, Inc.
42November 17, 1986data-io.comData I/O Corporation
42November 17, 1986octopus.comOctopus Enterprises
42November 17, 1986portal.comPortal Communications Company
42November 17, 1986teltone.comTeltone Corporation
49December 11, 19863com.com3Com Corporation
49December 11, 1986amdahl.comAmdahl Corporation
49December 11, 1986ccur.comConcurrent Computer Corporation
49December 11, 1986ci.comCognition, Inc.
49December 11, 1986convergent.comConvergent Technologies
49December 11, 1986dg.comData General
49December 11, 1986peregrine.comPeregrine Systems
49December 11, 1986quad.comQuadratron Systems Inc.
49December 11, 1986sq.comSoftQuad
49December 11, 1986tandy.comTandy Corporation
49December 11, 1986tti.comCiticorp TTI
49December 11, 1986unisys.comUnisys
61January 19, 1987cgi.comCarnegie Group Inc.
61January 19, 1987cts.comCrash TimeSharing
61January 19, 1987spdcc.comS.P. Dyer Computer Consulting
64February 19, 1987apple.comApple Computer
65March 4, 1987nma.comNetwork Management Associates
65March 4, 1987prime.comPrime Computer
67April 4, 1987philips.comPhilips
68April 23, 1987datacube.comDatacube Inc.
68April 23, 1987kai.comKuck and Associates, Inc.
68April 23, 1987tic.comTexas Internet Consulting
68April 23, 1987vine.comVine Technology
72April 30, 1987ncr.comNCR Corporation
73May 14, 1987cisco.comCisco Systems
73May 14, 1987rdl.comResearch Development Laboratories
75May 20, 1987slb.comSchlumberger Limited
76May 27, 1987parcplace.comParcPlace Systems, Inc.
76May 27, 1987utc.comUnited Technologies Corporation
78June 26, 1987ide.comInteractive Development Environments
79July 9, 1987trw.comTRW
80July 13, 1987unipress.comUnipress Software
81July 27, 1987dupont.comDuPont
81July 27, 1987lockheed.comLockheed Corporation
83July 28,
84August 18, 1987toad.comJohn Gilmore
85August 31, 1987quick.comQuicksilver Engineering
86September 3, 1987allied.comAlliedSignal
86September 3, 1987dsc.comDigital Sound Corporation
86September 3, 1987sco.comSanta Cruz Operation
89September 22, 1987gene.comGenentech
89September 22, 1987kccs.comKC Computer Sciences
89September 22, 1987spectra.comSpectragraphics Corporation
89September 22, 1987wlk.comW.L. Kennedy Jr. & Associates
93September 30, 1987mentat.comMentat Inc.
94October 14, 1987wyse.comWyse Technology
95November 2, 1987cfg.comCaine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.
96November 9,
97November 16, 1987cayman.comCayman Systems, Inc.
97November 16,
99November 24, 1987ksr.comKendall Square Research
100November 30, 1987nynexst.comNYNEX Science & Technology

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Rick Schwartz
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