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Monday, November 12, 2012

Everything is Looking UP On Domain Cliff

No going over a "fiscal" cliff for the Domain Developer's Fund. They just keep setting the bar higher each month and then reporting results higher still. If this doesn't format for your browser read the report HERE

The Domain Developers Fund News October 2012

The market in October
So far the year has seen some great sales especially in the space again and even in .xxx, remarkable sales have been: 500.000 USD, at 144.000 USD, at 125.000 USD; 77.500 USD, 75.000 USD. The .com space is more calm (at least in the Mio. USD area) because some owners do not want to offer any names before the launch of the nTLDs, interesting sales are: 500.000 USD, 500.000 USD, 500.000 USD, 150.000 USD, 140.000 USD, 118.000 USD, 115.000 USD and at 120.000 USD and a great IDN as well: 動画.com (means "video" in Japanese) at 35.000 USD.

DDF acquires and
As a new addition to the DDF prime names we have acquired and We will not reveal the purchase price to the public. DDF will develop them as one site, off course related to auditing, but details will be revealed only in a couple of months. Besides development we plan to partner with companies in the auditing field.

Performance in September: 2.32% and YTD 9.22% with October, November and December to go.,
Monthly revenue was 2.32 % in September, Performance in the last 12 months was 15.44 % and year to date was 9.22% with another 3 usually strong months to go. Assets under Management are also up 10% in the last 2 months and we are negotiating with more prospective investors than ever before, many funds and family offices among them.

Develop, launch, develop, launch
DDF stands for Domain Developers and so we do: this week alone we soft-launched 2 new sites, and we have 6 more to come very, a directory for international exhibitions, from wherever you are check which exhibitions are currently running, buy tickets, book hotels and flights as well. We currently have 5.000 exhibitions in our database and expect to grow the database to more than 100.000 within the next weeks.  Another launch is, a high performance mass-website building system for domainers, we use the system for DDF to rebuild websites that have been deployed earlier on domains and we rent the system out to other domainers as well. The system is aimed at owners of large domain portfolios.

Want to know more about the state of the Internet ?
One of the best presentations on the state of the web I came across recently, have a look at the businessinsider website.

DDF availability at banks and brokers
If you are subscribing to the DDF via your bank or broker and need assistance please let us know. Most major banks now accept subscriptions to the DDF, such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays or Citigroup.
Banks such as HSBC and some brokers do not take orders for the DDF but we can be of assistance to help you with your subscription. If you are located in the US you cannot invest directly into the DDF but if you are still interested there are other ways to engage, get in touch with us.

Visit us at Webfest in Santa Monica
Domainfest has now been rebranded as Webfest and we will be there from March 5th to 7th in Santa Monica. If you want to meet up with us, let us know and just reply to this email.

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