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Thursday, November 08, 2012

"Exact Match Domains" Characterized as "Opportunistic website builders could create and rank websites quickly"

Internet Marketing Agency Guides Clients Through Google Upheaval (aka. If you don't own the best domain name for the job, prepare to pay a web agency and Google for life to get you seen)

The Search Source Internet marketing agency recently guided several clients through Google’s landmark “Exact Match Domain” algorithm update. The Google “EMD update” was designed by the search engine giant to eliminate or reduce low-value, spam-filled exact match domain websites.

What are exact match domain websites? Any time a website’s domain name is designed to match exactly the keywords web searchers type into the Google search box, it is considered an exact match domain name. Examples might be “Chicago plumber” or “best automobile insurance.” In those cases, the exact match domains would be and

The advantage of exact match domain names used to be that they ranked high in the search engines with little effort. Opportunistic website builders could create and rank websites quickly. Unfortunately, often the content of these sites was poor quality and did not provide a beneficial user experience.

SEO Las Vegas agency The Search Source works closely with their clients to handle any changes in their website rankings due to various Google updates. The "EMD update" is the latest in a series of high-profile Google algorithm changes, including the Panda and Penguin updates.

"Clients are understandably concerned when Google rolls out major algorithm updates," a spokesperson for the SEO Las Vegas agency explained. "Businesses rely on high rankings to make sure their customers can find them quickly. We were able to consult with our clients and determine if they suffered any negative reaction to the Google change. Fortunately, our clients utilize high-value web pages and did not suffer any drop in rankings.

The SEO Las Vegas Internet marketing agency has experienced increased calls from new prospective clients seeking help and information. Some have seen their high rankings drop tremendously and are looking for assistance to regain their former status.

"Various companies sought us out after seeing tremendous drops in their search engine rankings," the Internet marketing company spokesperson continued. "We do a full analysis and provide them with a complete breakdown on how they can better improve their performance. It is a shock for many companies to see their rankings drop precipitously. Our goal is to help them get back on track."

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