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Saturday, November 24, 2012 Frank Schilling Takes Yet Another Bite Into Google's $200K/Day Education Keyword Package

In a soft jobs market requiring totally new skills, the online education space that Kaplan pioneered— where Rick Schwartz sold them their first EMD domain ( @ $100,000)— and today Kaplan's successors Education Dynamics, Devry  University, and University of Phoenix and UCLA extension use 10s of thousands of domains, multi-million TV ads with big name Hollywood stars and ......

in the 
case of  Google's biggest customer, Phoenix, $200K a day on keyword buying to compensate for what organic EMD would give them for free— business has never boomed bigger for the holders of those Exact Match Domains.

Recently we discussed how Frank Schilling realized early on that the world would need new skills, jobs retraining and it would happen online. The biggest new call-to-action niche: online education (I'm sure that you are seeing all the commercials and every political candidate claiming the key to fixing unemployment and winning the future is "education" "education" "education!")

Though Google might seem like the ideal venue for advertising from big business. But the web giant's biggest advertiser is not in fact a multinational company, but a university. 

The surprising revelation came as an analyst claimed that Google had enjoyed record success in its ad sales, with over $100million coming in every day despite a fall in how much companies are willing to pay for each ad. The Daily Mail has revealed that Google's biggest advertiser is the University of Phoenix spending nearly $200,000 every day.

Today Frank Schilling's sale will take a bite out of Google billings by putting in an organic EMD that takes out compensational AdWords selling (as well as taking that money-maker out of prime parking realty). Rankings aside, owning this keyword gem also makes the best call-to-action the television advertiser buying from Mr. Schilling could hope for.

Frank adds to recent EMD education keyword sales that have included:

Before we look at the education spots, lets see where these added education sales leave Domain Name Sales November results to date: $5K $2000 $45K  $5000 10-20K (7.5K)  $18,000 ($13K);($19K) $30K $12,500 at $21,000. $20,000 $5K $5K) $2,000. $20,000 $2200
INFOSPORT.COM $50-10K (Warren Royal)  $10-20K $2K (Kauffman) 14,000 $5-10Kr  $2,250  $3200 $3-5K $2.5K $3K ($15K)
USTennis 10-2-0K (Jay)  $20K-50K $3-5KL ($20K);($15K) ($15K) (7.5K) (7.5K) 

Have a look at the spot:

The Phoenix ads far more creative, have a look:

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