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Friday, November 23, 2012

"Real men Don't Buy Girls:" Cybersquatting Internet Prankster Didn't Rules Linking To Porn

The person who redirected the Real Men Don't Buy Girls campaign website to a porn site did not break any laws, according to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.
On Nov. 14, a person who has chosen to remain anonymous, registered a domain name featured on a billboard that was set up on Kathleen Street to discourage the johns who pay for prostitutes -- especially underage girls -- in the Donovan area. The Coalition to End Violence Against Women, which paid for the billboard, did not register the featured domain name before starting the campaign.
Because domain name registration is done a first-come, first-ser ved basis, the c a mpaign's error left the door wide open for a third party to register the URL featured on the billboard, and do with it as they wished.
If the campaign plans to use the domain name featured on the billboard again, they will have to wait for it to expire on Nov. 14, 2013, and hope the person who registered it doesn't renew it before then.

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