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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rick Schwartz Gems: A Timeless Quote

"I realized early on that there was great value to having straightforward, easy-to-remember, easy to spell, meaningful, domain names for a standalone sites. I felt that it was best to try to acquire these names sooner rather than later because the demand for simple names would only increase and the demand would drive up prices later. So I approached domains as "A Unique Opportunity in Time". I acted early and was able to secure some very important domain names such as, and among so many others. My strategy for selecting domain names is simple: the name should describe as simply as possible what the website site does, be easy to remember (important for word-of-mouth marketing), and be easy to spell. To reduce it to one or two words: simple and straightforward. I have posted my vision since 1996 and saw this as a 20 year commitment. It takes a long time to change thinking. Even 20 years may be a little optimistic." ~~Rick Schwartz

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