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Friday, November 09, 2012

Scandal In Domain Land: CNN Exposes 1000 Sandy Scam Domains

CNN interviews fraud expert who reveals how opportunistic domainers registered domains playing off the keywords "sandy" "relief" "donate" as soon as the storm was predicted. 

Many domains impersonate charities and are stuffed with keywords that get them ranked high on Google. They swipe content from CNN to look authentic. They even showed malware that causes someone who types in to get an impostor CNN page that looks very authentic and hijacks the donations made intended for Red Cross.

I was trying to find the clip to embed here, but like most media sites, content is virtually impossible to find. Ironically my search delivered a page topped with Google Ads offering cheap domains from registers I never heard of.

Almost $117 million has been donated to the real Red Cross. God only knows how much was scammed.


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