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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Scout.ME: Make (.) ME A Rich Man

"The best domains ARE advertisements. Scout.ME IS an advertisement!"

With Scout.ME joining a prestigious list of success that includes About.ME, Contact.ME, Meet.ME — .ME sales to real people and end user applications are continuing to soar, validating the CCTLD / hack's strength as an advertising or Jingle domain.

Its because the most effective names serve as that one element vital to the success of all direct marketing: a relevant and memorable call to action.

In other words, like the best 800 numbers, the best domain names tell the prospect in an easy-to-remember way what to do next, where to go for information, why to request a demo or when to place an order — which, of course, is right now.

.ME is the ultimate in demand gen because used with the right keyword, you can pose a challenge to the prospect that can only be solved by buying. is a Brilliant About.ME Use Case

It also helps that .ME serves an an ideal app and can ride of the coattails of other (sometimes much bigger brands) and iTunes to carry it off through the winds of success. An example found right in out own community, a .ME brilliantly used by one of our leaders, you can see at

In the case of Scout.ME, it's Ford who brings instant and guaranteed success to the equation.

According to CNET, "Available as an iOS app in the iTunes App Store, accessible online at, and coming soon to Ford Sync AppLink, TeleNav's new Scout service aims to help users discover and navigate to destinations whether on foot, at home, or in the car."

"On the iPhone, Scout presents users with a dashboard that gives an overview of personalized, real-time commute times to work or home and shortcuts to local search and saved favorite locations."

"Digging deeper, the app also offers a search-and-discovery engine for finding, for example, a local bar or restaurant. User reviews are aggregated from services such as Yelp and CitySearch to help in the decision-making process. Once a destination is selected Scout is able to give turn-by-turn directions to any destination it finds using TeleNav's maps and traffic-aware routing software."

"While navigating, Scout users will also be able to listen to and control their iTunes music from within the app and view a live-updating map on the smartphone's screen. However, when connected to a compatible vehicle, Scout can also utilize the car's speakers for spoken directions and, depending on the automotive OEM's specifications, output video to the in-dash display ranging from full-color moving maps to basic navigation prompts."

As with all domain investing you need to know what you are doing. The Rick Schwartz litmus test still applies:

1. Must be a dotCOM
2. Must clearly state & define the product or service being sold.
3. Must be easy to pronounce & therefore pass the radio test.
4. Must not be longer than necessary, the shorter the better.
5. Must be about a product or service that is in demand & being searched for.
6. Must be easy to remember, in fact it must be a no brainer to remember.
7. Must be a domain a business could be built on.

Yes, #1 it must be a dotCOM too. i.e. only works when you've secured Our friends at Scout.ME will face tremendous traffic leakage and other branding problems from their inability to own both.

But before you even get to Rick's list there is one litmus test above all: The word MUST be a verb. Many dollars were wasted by uniformed domainers following lists of bloggers geared to make them commission on sales. And yes money was spent and fools were made only until the next sucker comes along. 

Elliot ruined many a holiday yesterday with some hard in the mirror truths about domain investing. It's hard. It's not for everyone. And it takes razor sharp focus, super brainpower and patience to succeed as well as the ability to afford being wrong, more often than not.

But with .ME there aren't any excuses for failure when you don't start with a verb, you might as well take that money and rip it up.

CNET continued

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