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Monday, November 26, 2012

Truncation Rules at DNS— European Brands Sweeping Up Matching .coms

As promised, we reviewed the October and November sales results from Domain Name Sales, looking for the first sign of intelligent life— REAL end users with a REAL application bringing wealth and success in the REAL world.

And consistent with the findings of Accidental Domainer investigated other recent end user sales, we find a rash of sales made to foreign  brands holding cctlds, finally realizing that they need to .com of their brand for a global marketplace and to end traffic leakage.

This reaffirms dotCOM's position as the gold standard and only severs to strengthen its value with regard to the hundreds of forthcoming new TLDs. Brands may need them, but to succeed they need the dotCOm more.

How much more proof do you need than Airline paying $770K to Marchex simply to step up to

Other sales true to Frank's value proposition (Why Build A Brand When You Can Buy One?) like prove true generating instant recognition and credibility for a new venture entering an already crowded market.

Here are a few of the DNS end user sales from the past 60 days we find interesting on this "truncation" front. Why Build A Brand A Brand When You Can Buy One?

This LLLL, (sold at just $14,000) was selected to brand a new cosmetics online retailer. The site reads, "Every woman is beautiful and at we are passionate about helping your inner beauty shine through. We are committed to helping contemporary Indian women make the best beauty and wellness choices, be it products, tools, content and services.We are a beauty and wellness e-commerce platform with a difference. Apart from an extensive selection of curated products and services, we offer comprehensive content including product reviews, beauty how-to videos, articles by experts and an e-beauty magazine. Our helpline will help you choose products and services best suited for your needs so that you can look and feel beautiful inside out.Promoted by FSN E-Commerce Ventures Pvt Ltd. and spearheaded by Ms. Falguni Nayar, the former Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Capital Company, India’s leading investment bank, along with a team of experienced professionals, is committed to bring to you the best and the biggest brands, an incredible shopping experience and excellent customer service. Our quality assurance promises 100% genuine, fresh products to delight you day after day.

To stem traffic leakage, it was worth $12,500 to the owners of to step up to

Cheryl and Company Cookies, Deserts and Gifts Sprung $13,000 to have redirect to
French radio station SNCF steps up from .fr redirect to .com $10-20K

At $20-50 it was well worth it for  Werbeagentur to add .com to its roster of cctlds 

From to redirect to for $10,000

From to redirect to for $10,000

Another redirecting to .com @$5-10K, Who'd have thunk

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