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Monday, December 03, 2012

Exclusive: Rush Limbaugh To Get The Axe

Dial-Global is the latest radio owner to say Rush Limbaugh is killing radio revenue. Similar statements have already come from other owners, including Cumulus. Cumulus carries Rush on many of its stations, including former ABC-owned stations in major markets. The company has begun syndicating its own Mike Huckabee Show in the same time-slot as Rush, positioning it as a less strident alternative.

Dial Global, which syndicates Michael Smerconish and Neal Boortz (soon to be replaced by Herman Cain) opposite Rush, claims major advertisers are avoiding Rush, and political talk radio, in general, in the wake of Rush calling a female student (who advocated requiring employers to include birth-control coverage in employee health plans) a “slut.” This was over six months ago and apparently major advertisers are still pulling back.

Rush can make people mad. He can make people write angry letters. He can get people to protest. But hurting revenue is THE unforgivable sin.


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