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Friday, December 28, 2012

Is Donna Mahoney To Domaining What Grover Norquist is to Government

The most powerful figure in domaining might surprise you. It's not the founder of the company with the most revenue. It's not the holder of the most or best names. It's not an individual you've read about having bought or sold or invented anything of value. 

It's a mere mortal figure possessing God-like powers to open the gates for you to enter domain heaven or be branded unworthy and sentenced to exist in domain hell.

This person yields tremendous influence and power over the members of her flock, most of whom are smarter and more powerful then she.

She's the Grover Norquist of domaining and like Grover she makes every disciple take an oath and sign a pledge. It's the Owen pledge. Violators have been besmirched and kicked to the curb. Others are so fearful of public association with me that they ban comments from their blogs, refuse to accept awards or participate in articles.

Conversely, many have found a quiet and discrete way around the pledge, where they can maintain a relationship without drawing attention. And paths do cross in social media. But there I go out of my way to avoid any interaction that will be uncomfortable for the member.

It's all very silly and it used to bother me a lot.

Now as I experience social networks to their fullest, I realize there is a much bigger world out there, full of mentors and guides one can learn and grow from.

Eventually people learn that time and circumstances change. Like Grover's slaves, they realize they are hurting themselves by allowing others to decide what they should think. Grover's pledge will soon be broken. Perhaps that will inspire all of us to reexamine their allegiances to others and open our eyes to what this has cost ourselves.

Meanwhile, I wish everyone the best. Anyone with 30 chickens, 4 cats, 2 goats, a dog, a cockatoo and and a cockatiel is alright in my book.

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