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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Legos R Us ( Collector In Dispute With Lego Corporate

Photo: Time NewFeed

Paul Weston, of Brittany Avenue, Ashby, found himself being approached by representatives of the company after a website he set up was deemed to be infringing copyright laws — bringing a whole new meaning to the term Lego blocks.
Mr Weston’s ‘’ was judged to be too close to the website used by the toy giants who subsequently demanded he hand over the name to them.
Avid collector Mr Weston insisted he was simply looking for a place where he could show off his collection that he and his son had amassed when setting up the site.
After creating the site, Mr Weston said he didn’t think much about it until being contacted by the company, who decided the name was too close to the company’s own ‘’.

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