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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Meet Domaining's Most Fascinating People For 2013

We are very pleased to announced the return of our popular series for its third consecutive holiday season.

This Christmas a community of entrepreneurs is ready to cheer you on every step of the way.

In the days leading up to the holiday, we're paying a debt of gratitude and tribute to the pioneers, fighters, doers and givers that inspire us and make up this year's group of Domaining's Most Fascinating People for 2013. 

These individuals have forged imagination, diligence, and discipline into bottom-line success. We're also inspired by their stories of altruism, of creating fresh opportunities for those who are much less fortunate. 

This year we held nominations on social media and private peer forums and awarded by a distinguished "hall of famer" judging panel as noted below.

Those to be recognized are:

==> Howard Neu

Truly fascinating. Past mayor of a Florida city, IP attorney. Great family man. Perfect Robin to Rick's Batman with Robin. A legend and honored to be a veteran of the Three Amigos (when there were just a handful of  domain lawyers out there). Howard has been a major force in building this domain thing into an industry, having had the foresight to create a tradeshow for domainers with Rick Schwartz at a time when no one had even imagined such a thing. And a wonderful human being to boot. Moreover this year he became the poster lawyer for the defeating the poster bastards who are multiplying faster then other slugs in society like Kardashians. As my own attorney, he bats 1000 and has never let me done or lost a case.

==> Andee Hill

Personal. passionate. productive. Beyond a doubt the industry's best-appreciated, most charasmatic, helpful and beloved customer service officer. Says her boss Brandon Abbey, "Having had the opportunity to manage many thousands of successful people during my career I would place Andee in the top three."

==> "Danno" (In Memoriam)

A kind and gentle spirit with a brilliant mind, taken way too early. 

Before forums, Facebook, blogs and news feeds, there was Danno's reporting on Frank Schilling's blog providing my MBA in all things Domain. I will reveal in the profile a huge contribution Danno made via suggestion box. I truly believe Frager Factor could never have succeeded without its implementation.

Many have read Danno's posts for years and always found them insightful. Upon learning of his passing, some commented that they wished they saved his wild and crazy private emails. Of course I did. So stay tuned.

==> Colin Pape

For the second time taking this honor over the past two years, we catch up with the man who is according to David Castello "reshaping GEO" with much success including a sleuth of new investors to bring his long term vision to reality including Warren Buffet. Anyone that's taking on Google is worthy of the title "fascinating" in my book. Great story to share. I can't wait.

==> Philip Corwin

Phil has become a prolific writer this year on issues of importance to domain holders on the ICA blog, as well as representing domineers both at the ICANN level through the whole new gTLD process but also in Washington. I do in my heart believe his voice on behalf of all reading this was heard when commerce took away Verisign's rate increase

It takes vision and commitment to be worthy of this honor- and a rare perspective that sees the world with clarity far beyond personal financial success.

Congratulations to all the nominees and thanks to our judges: Mike Berkens, Andrew Rosener, Mike Mann, David Casetello, Rob Grant, Steve Sacks, Aril Goldberger, Rick Schwartz, Frank Schilling, Danny Pryor, Brandon Abbey, Steve Kaziyev, Shane Cultra, Karen Bernstein, Jeff Gabriel, Jason Thompson and Michael Cyger.

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