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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merlin Kauffman Acquires 700 Name Collection Privately; Domain Name Sales Weekly Output Now Rivals Sedo

Merlin Kauffman named
Domaining's Most Fascinating Person 2011 
For Good Reason
Recently we reported that Frank Schilling acquired a AAA+ portfolio privately staving it off the block and finally giving legitimacy to some domains that were owned by privacy-cloaked bad actors.

Now it's one of Domaining's Most Fascinating for 2011, Merlin Kauffman, who proves worthy of the honor in a creative acquisition of nearly 700 prime properties, many from Network Solutions Venture Services Group directly, some the result of Homeland Security Seizures that were later deemed safe and sent back to market. 

Kauffman's new collection includes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and hundreds more (inquire on any of these names by cutting and pasting HERE)

Before the bell: 
When Ron Jackson reports accurate sales later today, upstart broker, the new guy in town with just a year under their belt opening up their platform to the masses, Domain Name Sales is rapidly catching up to the weekly sales output of decades old firms like Sedo and Afternic. With Frank's determination to blow December out of the water and over a hundred new sales people in training, we haven't even begun to see what domain sales are capable of.

Two observations: More and more end users are waking up to the potential of a great domain name and that means the problem of glut will soon be one of scarcity. As a result you see a transition to legitimacy as more and more good domains come out from under the cloak of privacy and into the hands of true professionals who give them legitimacy and wind in the backs of their sales.

Domain Name Sales 12/11 $5-10k USD $20-50k USD $10-20k USD $20-50k USD $3-5k USD $3-5k USD $5-10k USD $20-50k USD (w/ Domain Advisors) $50-100k USD  (w/ Domain Advisors) $5-10k USD

Domain Name Sales December to Date $3,000 $5-10k USD $20-50k USD  $5K $3-5k USD $20-50k USD $5-10k USD $10-20k USD $10-20k USD $3-5k USD $2,000 $10-20k USD $20-50k USD $100-150K $3-5k USD $3-5k USD $3-5k USD $10-20k USD $5-10k USD $5-10k USD  $38,000 $3-5k USD $3-5k USD $5-10k USD $150-250k USD $5-10K $20-50k USD  (with Domain Advisors) $50-100K (with Domain Advisors) $5-10k USD $20K $3-5k USD $5-10k USD

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