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Monday, December 10, 2012

Microsoft: It's Not Creative If It Doesn't Sell

Photo: AdAge
That goes for the Windows ads which are everywhere and the attempt to do to Google what Samsung has done to Apple by taking a direct shot with "have You been Scroogled?"

Marketing Finds Itself Up Against Bigger Industry Trend

No matter where you go, there are the Windows ads -- on train cars, in choreographed TV spots and on T-shirts worn by street-marketing teams. Yet despite the massive campaign -- $1.5 billion by some estimates -- early Windows 8 sales have disappointed in an increasingly fragmented computing market.
Sales of Windows devices were down 21% in the four weeks after Windows 8 launched on Oct. 26, compared with the same period last year, according to research firm NPD Group.

Not only are customers buying fewer Windows devices, they are particularly uninterested in Microsoft's flashy new operating system. Devices that use Windows 8 accounted for just more than half (58%) of all Windows units sold in the four weeks after it launched, NPD said. In the four weeks after Windows 7 was released, it accounted for 83% of all device sales.

Rick Schwartz thinks the that the "Scroogled" ad is masterful and it is going to cost Google a lot of business.  I think it's creative but not sure if it will sell. The Samsung ad, however IS selling and that's how you define CREATIVE.

So is the advertising at fault? AdAge Reports

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